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  1. HotKarl

    Wtb T2i

    i got da t3i boi
  2. HotKarl

    Halloween Parktage

    Fuck yeah
  3. HotKarl

    Should I Install Magic Lantern Into My Canon 600d?

    I have it installed to my 600D. It is really helpful for me. A huge recommendation to magic lantern, just make sure you know how to use it. and Im not to sure about the shutter speed for filming, are you talking about the ISO?
  4. HotKarl


  5. HotKarl

    Bs Tailslider.

    You could also Darken the sky abit, then put the light behind his to brighten his body figure and make it pop out alittle more. Idk just bein creative.
  6. HotKarl

    Bs Tailslider.

    Dude, just fuckin sickkkkkkkkkkk <3
  7. GOOOOOD stuff I like it alot <3 What camera?
  8. HotKarl

    48°10'52.2"n 123°06'50.9"w

  9. HotKarl

    Bs Tailslider.

    This looks siickkkkkkk I wanna see a version in color though <3
  10. HotKarl

    Is Less More?

    deeeeep shit man
  11. School bathrooms smell like shit

  12. HotKarl

    600d/t3i Swivel Screen Replacement

    Yeah, Ide rather just save the friggen somey and get a better one if that happened to me. lol