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  1. eightyeight

    Slappy 50

    Rylan Shaver - slappy
  2. eightyeight

    Crook Pop Over

    I shot a lot of frames on this, I ended up liking this one. I still don't have a flash setup, what do you guys think?
  3. eightyeight


    I hear you, maybe try an angle of view that's not standing upright. I like the composition but it might be interesting if you were lower to the ground.
  4. eightyeight

    Front Board

    I shot this on a Canon AE-1 while travelling. This camera leaks a lot but here's a front board from when I was in Lisbon.
  5. eightyeight

    Backside Smith

    Very sick dude, like you said, these photos get me hyped to shoot!
  6. eightyeight


    Yo this is sick! I hear you on the busy school. The only thing I would say and it was already pointed out is the shadow on the face but overall the flash filled out quite nicely.
  7. eightyeight


    Chris Gollop Tre Flip Toronto Cesar Huizar Fuck Sylmar Ditch
  8. eightyeight

    Spencer Torok 50-50

    First skate photo this year looking for feedback.