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  1. stephensturges


    Pics or it dont count
  2. stephensturges

    Last Minute Secret Santa 2k14

    Im into it! I wasn't around last year so it would be fun to join in.
  3. stephensturges

    Websites For Selling Gear.. (leica)

    How much you want for your cron 50?
  4. stephensturges

    Nosebonk / Nollie Flip

    Dude really good. Like everyone has addressed, a bit late on the nosebonk, but the composition and lighting is so on point for both of these shots. Great stuff man.
  5. stephensturges

    Sront Fmith

    Damn dude, I saw this earlier on insta, I was stoked! This shot is awesome man, props!
  6. stephensturges


    Fuck. I remember seeing this. This is huge! Sick sequence. It definitely is worthy or a stitched sequence, but like yeahdawgcool said, there are a lot frames, perhaps too many.
  7. stephensturges

    Flying Carcass

    Love it dude. Super clean, great comp, awesome bw, definitely on point my dog. Lurker in the background but thats whatever. Good shot man!
  8. Damn, makes me miss Europe. Looks like you saw some good stuff. Interesting song choice. Not hating on country too hard, but when I think of country music I can only think of Bud Light, Idaho, big trucks, and hunting, all of which are very seldom in Switzerland. I don't picture myself driving past the Matterhorn listening to Tim McGraw, but thats just me.
  9. stephensturges

    Negative Scanner

    I am sure this has been addressed many times and I am aware of the vast amount of information available about scanners on the internet, but I am curious to know if any of you guys have favorite scanners or suggestions for a scanner. Basically I am looking for something that will be able to scan 35mm negatives and medium format. I don't need the highest resolution because I am primarily scanning negatives for internet use. Any recommendations? Cheers
  10. stephensturges

    Frame Building

    Where did you get the glass? These look super sick dude
  11. stephensturges

    Front Smithers

    Anything?? Buhhmmp
  12. stephensturges

    Brett Ross Bs Smith

    Those circular lights bug the hell out of me, but besides those little buggers this photo is sick. The composition is great and that back smith is dipped!
  13. stephensturges

    China Banks

    No racial connotations here at all... haha love it.
  14. stephensturges

    Front Smithers

    Shot this yesterday, likely to be the last day of sunny weather. It snowed today here in Portland and its freezing now. Any critique is appreciated.
  15. stephensturges


    Kenny Coombs | Portland, OR Critique would be tight