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  1. ryanmaderic

    Oncore Trailer

    Just one song, thanks dude
  2. ryanmaderic

    Thoughts On The Panasonic Gh3?

    I use a GH3 at work and love the quality of image you get. It has more resolution than a canon, better codec that can hold up to color correction but isn't good in low light. Get some third party lenses like Canon FD or minolta for shooting at night. It's a really nice camera for the money!
  3. ryanmaderic

    Trouble Converting For Instagram

    AE would be simple. I use Premiere and shoot with an HPX. Drag and drop footage onto timeline, edit and use the export option for iPhone/iPad. No need to adjust your timeline preferences. Should be the same process in AE. I second squrereadyV, After I email the footage to myself I use this to upload.
  4. ryanmaderic

    Hpx170 For Sale

    Let's do it, $1600!
  5. ryanmaderic

    T5 Vs. T3i (contrast Detection Af)

    Don't trust your camera, especially when it's a DSLR for fast motion and autofocus
  6. ryanmaderic

    Organizing P2 Files

    Damahni got it right, you're just a little confused. You don't touch any of the files inside the folder structure. Your workflow should resemble this: Create a folder on your drive with the date you shot the footage, skaters names, and spot (ect...) Plug in your HVX-open the cards-drag and drop the "Private" folder into the folder that you just made with the date, ect... If you have 2 cards, you can make a "1" and "2" folder inside the first folder After the footage is dumped to your drive open Premiere and use the Media Manager to navigate to your folder with the footage you want. Play back the footy, find whats good, drop in onto your timeline. Once it is on the timeline you can rename the clips as they appear in Premiere, mark them as "good" and lots of other options. be a boss
  7. mkII suffers a lot from morie. Since you are seeing it in brick and walls with lines that is probably to issue. Those are really hard for the cameras sensor to render and when compressed you get macro blocking. That's your issue, I just dont know how to fix that. Sometimes softening or blurring a clip can help remove the morie. It's just a homie video though, probably not worth your trouble
  8. ryanmaderic

    Hpx170 For Sale

    Someone is taking the mic set up and a battery. New Price minus those items is $1700!
  9. putting your footage onto a fast external drive will help too. Your probably running a slow (5400rpm) internal drive. Get a cheap solid state or 7200 rpm drive via firewire 800. Use FCP to create optimized (prores) footage
  10. ryanmaderic

    College Degree

    Got my bachelors 4 years ago in Electronic Media and Film Production. I've done a lot of work, whole lot of random freelance projects, some fun, some sketch, but they paid alright. Got a corporate job sitting around, editing, and on occasion filming. Kinda sucks, but it keeps the lights on. Go do whatever you want, travel, live out of a car somewhere cool while you can before life gets real. I wish I had.
  11. ryanmaderic

    Oncore Trailer

    Here is the trailer I made about a year ago for a video that I am finally putting the parts together for. Let me know what you think. I was really into some trippy imagery at the time!
  12. ryanmaderic

    New Setup

    +1 for a GH4. It will act as a nice B-cam to a RED or fs700. HPX might be good too for a second angle, long lens zoom will always have a purpose.
  13. ryanmaderic

    Mic Holder For Hvx200

    I have one from my HMC150, PM Sent
  14. ryanmaderic

    Hpx170 For Sale

    Offer $2,000 and it's yours!
  15. ryanmaderic

    Hpx170 For Sale

    Just want to get some new gear, got my eye on the GH4. I only use this for skating and not work, so I figure I can cash in both my cameras (selling a 7D too) for one "better" camera.