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    Hvx? Hpx? Xtreme? Dslr? Need Input

    So I'll apologize in advance for how many questions I have and how long winded this post is, however I'm sure you're looking for something to do anyway if you're lurking. But anyway, I'm stuck in a bit of pickle. I currently have an hmc150 and opteka .3x and it's been great to me over the past 5 years but I'd really like to upgrade. I was looking in the HPX/xtreme route and that's definitely the way I want to go, but I'm stuck on three cameras in the range. First off is the HPX170, which is the eldest, but most likely least expensive way to go. I would be all for it, but the next camera, the hpx250, talks about shooting to AVC-intra which could totally be a deal breaker with the extended resolution and data rate. Finally, I saw that Panasonic semi recently released a new microp2 camera, the PX270, which apparently has a new avc-intra 200 format and shoots 1080/60p, which could be another deal breaker for me. So really my main questions are: - What are most guys in the industry using who have an xtreme setup? the 170 or the 250? - Is avc-intra a major improvement over DVCproHD? Should I be drooling over it as much as I am? - I saw people were complaining that the 250's intra is only 4:2:2, which is assume relates to file depth, but what exactly does it mean? - Would It be an issue trying to work with people who shoot to DVCproHD if I shot intra? I know many of you are going to say "get a DSLR" which is also an option but I haven't been nearly as impressed by any DSLR footage ive seen compared to HVX. I really dont know much about them though so I could be selling myself short. So my questions about these beauties are: -If there is one, what is the "go to" DSLR for filmers in the industry? -What is the "go to" fisheye for this DSLR for filmers in the industry? -Is there a reasonably priced rig so I can zoom like I do with my hmc? -I noticed people talking about some of them shooting "raw" what does this mean? I've already lurked around trying to figure out what to do, but I figured I'd try to get a conversation going and really get to the bottom of this.