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    Super sync

    I'm currently using yn622c triggers with canon 580ex ii. Due to the learning curve, I figured out recently that high sync speed doesn't really stop motion. That I need sync cords that go from my trigger to my flash to enable super sync which will stop motion. Does anyone have experience in using this trigger in super sync? Any sync cords I should use? Thanks again
  2. galwayj

    Pupecki grind

    Daniel Hochman - Pupecki grind. Ads always any critique is welcome
  3. galwayj

    Pupecki grind

    cheers for the feedback. I agree with the colors
  4. galwayj


    Maybe a shot long lens from on top of the boxes may have looked alright. A regular stance trick here would look a lot more options.
  5. galwayj

    Bs smith

    Quick shot from today. Dude also flipped into it. Herman Zepeda - bs smith
  6. galwayj

    Daniel Hochman -fs smith

    Found this on my hard drive. From November 2016
  7. galwayj

    Asher Stringer - bs tailside

    Quick shot from Monday. Asher Stringer - bs tailside , Seoul South Korea.Shot at f7.1 , 1/400s is0 100 using a sigma 24-70 @45mm on a crop sensor. Using 2 flashes . Any thoughts on it? Would like to improve
  8. galwayj

    Winter Texas Plant

    I dig this. Def not a big fan of the boneless trend but this photo is cool.
  9. Prob over-edited the bs smith also
  10. Two kinda recent shots. Any criticism is welcome. Def need to work on my use of lighting I reckon.
  11. galwayj

    360 flip

    A quick shot from yesterday. 360 flip by Josh Huewe . Not the most unique angle. Had some flash problems ,Seem to misfire at the best of times. Any criticism/ideas are welcome
  12. galwayj

    50 up and over, fs slide, bs crooks

    Yea , I agree with Tony. 1 and 3 are sick. The boards gotta go. The lighting in the second photo is sick! Maybe fisheye would look better for a powerslide at that spot
  13. galwayj

    Fakie ollie sw K & Sw BsTS

    Two kinda recent pics but not really Asher Stringer with a fakie ollie sw K Daniel Hochman with a Sw BsTS Any criticism is welcome
  14. galwayj

    Anomaly Issue 1

    Really like the first and the last one. Was the first one staged?
  15. galwayj

    switch crook & 180 nosegrind

    Cheers for the critique. I can see what you mean with the 180 nosegrind. That spot has a lot potential for good photos. Barely ever go there though.
  16. galwayj

    switch crook & 180 nosegrind

    Hey all, here are 2 photo I shot a wide ago. This kinda feels like a check me out Asher Stringer - Switch crook Ikbal Namani - 180 nosegrind
  17. galwayj

    fs 180, tail drop and bs air

    The tail drop and the bs air are sick.In my opinion ,I think the car behind the skater in the fs 180 makes it look a bit awkward
  18. galwayj

    The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

  19. galwayj

    Rokinon/Samyang 14mm f/2.8

    I am also looking at the Samyang 14mm f/2.8 https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/859167-REG/Samyang_SY14M_C_14mm_f_2_8_Super_Wide.html Did you end up getting it?If so, how is it?