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  1. Flatts flounder

    Roman Fuckin Holmes

    i don't have to say anything just watch
  2. Flatts flounder

    Lewi Chron Chron

    yaboi flatts at it again
  3. Flatts flounder


    hell yeah
  4. Flatts flounder

    Vx1000, Vx2000/2100 Or A Dvx100b?

    VX1k all dayy
  5. Flatts flounder

    Street Edit

    its pretty gay i aint gon lie
  6. Flatts flounder

    Texas Rippers

    damn dude im not sure i haven't seen him in a looong time
  7. Flatts flounder

    Texas Rippers

    macks in cali
  8. Flatts flounder

    Texas Rippers

    i have street clips saved up and I'm really not good setting my colors any help?
  9. Flatts flounder

    Texas Rippers

    dallas has fucking talent man y'all don't even know but watch this video...no trends...no effects..just raw skating at its finest by Chris Athans, James Levinski, David Duvall, Clayvon Johnson, and ROWDY FUCKING ALTUM...all these dudes destroy. Feel free to to give me any feedback on my videos *PS: I'm the nigga at 1:18
  10. Flatts flounder

    Fun Footy :)

    sick dawg
  11. Flatts flounder

    Lame Montages?

    i just want feedback.....dont hold back Thanks