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  1. Tricklarock

    I Want To Make Animations Like This.

    Go to CreativeCow, VideoCoPilot, Lynda.com, Adobe CC, You Tube, etc. for help. I'm assuming you have Premiere or something similar? If so, having After Effects or Photoshop would be key!!! Hope this points you in the right path, good luck!
  2. Tricklarock

    Proper Fisheye For The Panasonic Agac 160a

    @santskatefly, I do have a DSLR but I have issues w/them due to the shutter circuit protection, especially since summer is around the corner. It shut down on me several times during a contest last summer, the East Coast gets so damn hot, I miss SD! I didn't work for several months to film, so that limited me to purchasing a shitty Opteka. Now I have problems w/that cuz` it was fine on my HMC150, but needs a spacer on my 160. I'm gonna borrow a GoPro on Monday & see how that works out for the fisheye and use my 160 for 2nd angle long lens. Like you said, using my Panny w/shitty glass defeats the purpose of spending $3500! It just sucks that one specific lens costs as much as my whole f'n cam! Have you used the GoPro and if so, you think its a good option for fish/following shots? I'll be using the new 4k model, but not on the 4k setting of course, I'll prob just use 720/1080 120/60/30 fps. I'll more than likely use 60/120fps in case I want to slow-mo? I've been skating almost 30 yrs, but filming for around 2 so... Hey man, thanks and any help would be appreciated!!! P.S. eventually having the $$$ for the Xtreme is what I hope(d) happens!
  3. Tricklarock

    Proper Fisheye For The Panasonic Agac 160a

    Yeah, I was just trying not to spend as much as I did on my camera, at least for now... Well, as an update, I tried swapping shit from my 0.3 to my 0.4 housing/case/exterior and no luck. I knew it as soon as I put them side by side, just wishful thinking I guess. From having 2 different sizes of Opteka 0.3s, it's obvious that they're using the same glass w/all sizes to keep em' cheap?!
  4. Tricklarock

    // The Official List Of Official Camera Threads Thread

    Is there a Panny AGAC 160a link in the works? I'm a noob to this site, but if anyone wants to help me out/advice/point me in the right direction, I'd be more than happy to help get it started! Thanks! -TLaR ...after skating 30 yrs., I figured if I'm not gonna huck it, might as well film whoever is?! -Me
  5. I have a question/problem. I have a Panny agac160a. I bought the Opteka Titanium 0.3x 72mm that said it was for the HMC 150 & some DVX models. I have to use a spacer due to the metal cone that protrudes past the threads... and this is causing super vig - we're talking waaay beyond VX style vig! Of course I can zoom in a few notches to alleviate the problem, but that's kinda defeating the purpose, especially seeing how I was forced to buy the 0.4x back in the fall due to the 0.3s being out of stock! When I zoom in enough to fix it, I'm almost right back to where I was w/the 0.4x, which I was VERY unhappy with! Funny thing is that the 0.4x fit perfect w/out having to use a spacer, but I had to use 2 to get the desired fisheye look?! I had the HMC 150 and this lens fit w/out a spacer and the vig was borderline acceptable, with minimal zoom required to get the right amount of vig. So I have 2 questions. 1; Is there a fisheye out there (that I haven't stumbled across)that's made for the 160, or one that'll fit w/out a spacer? 2; Is it possible (or has anyone tried) to mod the 0.3 using the 0.4's metal so that it'll fit the 160 w/out a spacer? I'm gonna pull up the schematics on both lenses after I post, but a quick 'nope - can't be done' would save time and most importantly..money! Either way, I'll still be needing an answer to question 1! Much Thanks in Advance - TLaR ...after skating for 30 years I figured, if I'm not gonna huck it, might as well film whoever is?! -Me
  6. Tricklarock

    Wtb: Minidv Capture Cam

    I have a Sony Digital-8?
  7. Tricklarock

    Wtb: .3x Opteka 72mm Titanium Series Fisheye

    Opteka is SHADY!!! I ordered an open box Titanium 0.3x ,they emailed saying "product damaged during shipping, can't replace...out of stock." ...okay. So I reluctantly ordered the 0.4x last Friday (3-5 weeks later) and was issued a confirmation email/order # (don't recall getting either the 1st time), alright cool. Checked for a tracking # Sat. night - nada, Sun. night - none. So I get an email from Opteka today...same exact fucking email as the 1st, damaged, out of stock, blah blahhh! How the hell is something that hasn't been shipped gonna get damaged in transit when it hasn't even been shipped (still no tracking #!!!)?!? Both of these were ordered straight off the Slopteka site, cuz every other online outlet is price gouging like a mutha! I sent them a real nice reply! They've prob been out of stock for awhile (I know the stores have been) and some douche forgot to change the availability on the site! At least tell the truth assholes!
  8. Tricklarock

    Vhs/hi8 Cameras

    I have a Sony Digital 8 DCR-TRV310 NTSC.I just dug it out to get the model # and am looking for scratches/signs of wear...I can't find either! This thing looks brand new?! It has all of the original cables, charger, battery, remote. It also comes with a hotshoe mount Sony condenser mic and camera BAG. It has manual focus ring and manual 'exposure'. I'm sure you'll look it up if you're interested in what other user features it has! I also have an RCA CPR250 VHS Solid State Imaging camera w/manual focus, iris and some kind of shutter speed? It has the battery/charger and shoulder strap. Comes in a hard sided RCA case.
  9. Tricklarock

    Wtb: Dslr Handle

    I made a custom handle for my Vixia hf g20 and it works well. I can post a pic if you're interested? Several ppl thought I bought it, but I think it's a little janky (I'm a perfectionist!) cuz I didn't have the proper tools and it was the 1st one/prototype!? Well, I've learned a lot since I made/have been using it. It's saved my cam from many slams & poss. disasters! Now I have all the proper tools to make it look pro and have a design that will encase and protect the camera w/the exception of shock/vibration damage from drops/falls. After I send a pic & know you're interested, tell me what the dimensions or kind of lens you'll be using (I assume it'll be a fisheye?), if you'll be using multiple lenses just let me know-I can make it adjustable. I'll get the 6D dimensions online. You'll have a choice of ; Aluminum, black or any damn color you want! Whatever you do, don't get one of those shitty plastic things, once you have lense/lights/mic,etc. those things get wobbly real quick - that's exactly why I made mine! Don't worry, Its not some L-bracket w/wingnuts or crap like that! Also I can make it so you can use as many cold shoes as you want for mic, light(s), etc.I use a LANC corded remote on mine so the record button is right by my thumb when I'm gripping the handle. Let me know, I'll post a pic here between tonight and Tuesday. PM me if you're really itchin' to see it!
  10. Tricklarock

    The Scene File Thread

    Check this out. I googled Panny scene files and the Panny site has 18 different SF's as well! Make sure you read the whole page after you click on your camera model before down/uploading to your camera! http://www.panasonic.com/business/provideo/scene-files-main.asp
  11. Canon Vixia HF-G20 for sale, hmu!

  12. Tricklarock

    The Scene File Thread

    I have the Barry Green book for the HMC150 and in the back there is a CD with, I think, 18 custom scene files and screen grabs of each. He says he uses auto iris for them all I believe? There are 3 or 4 decent vids on YouTube that demonstrate each file, just search Barry Green scene files and HMC150, 130/160, etc. These 2 links are from the 130/160 book, I don't have my 150 book w/me & don't know if they're the same, but I figured I go ahead & post cuz' I'm a heavy procrastinator and/or will get side tracked?! I hope this helps cuz' I watched em 2 or 5 times before I realized what they were, then I said, " shit, I've got that book!". www.youtube.com/watch?v=JU_KnuZvm5A www.youtube.com/watch?v=TP95C84LZ-8
  13. Any chance you'd sell just the Mk2 ??? I'm needing one bad and there seems to be some kinda shortage/price gouging thing amongst the usual online sources?! Thanks!