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  1. tristanTweaver

    360 Flip And Back Tail

    Crusty DIY spot by my school. Let me know what you think!
  2. tristanTweaver

    People Of Sf

    Pretty spot on but the black dude was in Oakland (probably from Oakland).. He was also a super good artist so I don't think he was blind.
  3. tristanTweaver

    People Of Sf

    recently went on a trip to SF. Here are some of the people I saw along the way. Let me know what you think...
  4. tristanTweaver

    Snowboarder Magazine Superpark 19

  5. tristanTweaver


    These are cool.. What kind of camera are you using?
  6. tristanTweaver


    so tight. keep killing it dude!
  7. tristanTweaver

    Snowboarder Magazine Superpark 19

    This year my local mountain in PA is hosting this years snowboarder magazine super park. I was lucky enough to get invited and get a pass to shoot some video and snap some photos. Here is one from yesterday that I need some feedback on.. This man was shooting of the quarter on the right and lipsliding the top of this massive wallride which was pretty fucked. anyway.... Should I crop it closer, take a few of the lurkers out of the shot? (I think the one farthest to the right is annoying) or should I just leave it how it is.
  8. tristanTweaver


    You still making these? how much?
  9. tristanTweaver

    District Of Columbia

    Thanks man, yeah kinda bummed that got cut off. and nah I was just visiting there a few weeks ago. sick spots all over the place though.
  10. tristanTweaver

    District Of Columbia

    some recent photos I shot in DC. tear them apart if you hate them please.
  11. tristanTweaver

    What Do You/would You Like In A Handle?

    cage is sick. Do you have any test footage?
  12. tristanTweaver

    Camera Cage

    I don't know if anyone saw the converse cons video "how to film skateboarding" with Ewan Bowman but does anyone know what kind of cage Ewan is using in the video? No one wants to tell me on the youtube comments so I figured yinz could help me out.
  13. tristanTweaver

    Getting High

    Thanks Yinz!
  14. tristanTweaver

    Getting High

    My friend Sam throwing himself over the hip yesterday at Pitcher Park. It was basically the last nice day before winter so lurkers are everywhere. Not a make, looking to shoot it again when I actually have a tripod, flash, etc... Looking for critique on composition, edit, or anything else you can think of...
  15. tristanTweaver

    Hockey Thread

    Hoping the new coaching staff can get the Pens playoff bullshit to end. I also still cant come to understand how the oilers aren't good yet? Not that I'm a fan, it just blows my mind....