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  1. Hi GlueBag! My question is that you want to have a dvd playable in standard dvd players or you want to have a movie file on dvd disc ?
  2. Jasiex

    Which Hi-8 Or Minidv Should I Buy?

    Hi-8 Camcorders and the 8mm video tape is pretty hard to import it into computer unless you dont have a video card. My parents shooted my childhood on video 8/hi8 and then came time to watch it after years it was a bit problem. So I bought a dvd recorder and transfered all my old video 8 tapes to DVD. I highly recommend buying VX2. I still enjoy my VX2 even in the HD and cards age. For me recording on tapes is comfortable cause I'm not afraid that I can delete some footy from it. And it is easy to storage it. Well the VX1 which have already 20 years old was standard in skateboarding. It is still good and for some people even better than vx2. But it doesnt have lcd monitor and some extra features. I got my vx2000 with original box and stuff and 4 tapes for $300
  3. Jasiex

    Trv900 Capture Problem

    I have the same problem with my VX2000 check this http://forums.skateperception.com/index.php?/topic/316126-vx2000-firewire-issue/&do=findComment&comment=4238008 I dont know that is it exactly the same problem as mine but it can be helpful for you.
  4. Jasiex

    Damn, What Camera Was Used Here?

    I think that from begining to 1:20 they may used a cell phone camera becuse of the shutter speed like you idontskate1 said. Later vx one.
  5. Jasiex

    Vx2000 Firewire Issue

    Now I see. @Video Electronics How much $ can cost firewire repair?
  6. Jasiex

    Vx2000 Firewire Issue

    Yeah, Today I called Apple Care and they told me some steps to do. But still nothing. I need to check it on dvd recorder but I'm afraid that FireWire Port is broken in my vx :/ If i will know something i will post. Anyway @Video Electonics what do you mean with "hot " ?
  7. Hello Everybody! So my vx2000 again messed up. This time firewire port. So My camera worked pretty good last month. I recorded some footy then I transfered it into my MacBook Pro running Final Cut 7. Everything was fine, but one week ago i had to import my project into my computer and when i plugged FW port on the screen I saw DV IN But on the log and capture window i don't saw any playback button or something. I tried even connect my camera and import it into iMovie still nothing. Anybody knows what to do? Thank's
  8. Jasiex

    External Mic For Vx 2100

    It is a mic designed for DSRL cameras. From BHphoto video: But, I don't know why it would not work with other cameras. For my VX2000 i use in-board mic or lavmic or a shotgun mic. Check this one from Audio-Technica (designed for video cameras) http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/664440-REG/Audio_Technica_ATR6550_ATR6550_Condenser_Shotgun_Microphone.html Hope this helps
  9. Jasiex

    Temperature For Filming With Vx

    When you recording for example at winter where theres cold and after shooting you bring your camera back to warm house on the screen you can see inidicator "moisture condensation" or something like that. And after that you must eject your tape and leave your cam for about an hour (don't remeber check this out in owner manual) couse it can stick into head. Check this out for further knowladge https://docs.sony.com/release/DCRVX1000.pdf
  10. Unfortunately i must say that heads are broken and only way is to replace it with working ones. Anyway thank's everybody for help!
  11. Thanks everybody for reply. At this moment my camera is at camera repair shop. The Technician with I talked told me that is bad idea to clean heads using cotton buds. They can leave fluff which destroy heads. He suggested to use the softest cloth instead of cotton buds . I'm waiting for call from Him. And of course if I will know something I will tell you guys.
  12. Hello Everybody! I have a strange problem with my Sony Vx2000. When I insert a tape to it I've got a blinking error message: triangle and tape. The last time i recorded was two week's ago on Sony Premium. I switched to the vcr mode and than I haven't got any timecode. I put another tape (one from Panasonic) and still nothing. Today after cleaning head with alcochol camera can't read every Pansonic tapes. Just like there are blank. When I put on a Sony tapes (that one that i recorded two weeks ago ) it reads it with horizontal stripes. And still can't record video on it. I'm bit confused couse the camera worked fine before. And I really don't know what's wrong with them and will I can fix it by myself. Thank's Jasiex