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  1. I like the tobacco tastes/smells ever since i was a wee little pod. I do also smoke weed but only on the weekends, i find it much more "Beneficial" to do it during a more restful period of the week then incorporating it throughout the week and probably becoming sort of dependent on it. Sorta, I don't even smoke everyday (like i said, weekends^) and usually it takes me like 11/2 - 2 bowls to take its effect, so not really.
  2. Taxes suck, i could be making 290 dollars a week stocking at the grocery store i work at, but because of all the taxes i have taken outta my check i make 210ish a week. which granted for a high school job/no life is pretty damn good. Another thing that sucks is the tax on cigarettes are crazy a pack cost me 11-13 bucks where as if i go to a different state it can range from 5 to 10 a most I've seen. And i don't even live in the city.
  3. Danimals07

    Winter Of Bad Feelings

    I fell like the past two, three months have been rough on me also. This month alone has been a slow burning hell. But it's probably winter depression. I've destroyed some relationships and I've built some back up again. Maybe it's like someone telling us too cut off the negatives now and start building up the positive for months to come.
  4. Danimals07

    I'm Thinking

    I'm for sure checking it out. its happen before when i read a book and thought about it, then read the book and maybe a scene is how i pictured it exactly.
  5. that crap grew old with me too. Im glad I've found someone/a couple people in the same interest group that have went through the same things i have and talk about it sensibly-ish haha.
  6. I think our girls were hatched from the same spawn haha. That was happening to me too where they hung out more than i did with her. did she at all become "flakey" on you?
  7. Danimals07

    I'm Thinking

    Read the book too! its really cool, i haven't watched the movie yet.
  8. I went through a degree of this and it sucked! the girl was awesome and still is but when i caught wind that she was friends with her ex again (or always was) it went south for me, personally. especially since the kid was to an extent, annoying, but i didn't want to tell her too stop being friends with the kid. In my perspective words can only go so far so something were to occur between the two of them. it Wouldn't even matter if i told her to stop hanging out or not. Even just scraping the surface of this topic makes me want a straight jacket. I just think I was too lenient at the time. i think you guys just helped me with closure.
  9. Danimals07

    I'm Thinking

    Gooby McCandless
  10. Live in Illinois and get back to me...Crook County. let alone the US of A
  11. Jtmgee and Mgfilmer are younger than me! And thanks for the compliment sunny!
  12. my theory is that because of how easy the baby boomers had it and then had their kids, millennials. and went on and thought they'd have it like their parents. which isn't the case (economy and money value) that made them spastic fucks has now rubbed off on their child and know they are 2 times more spastic and entitled.
  13. i think about this everyday! It is gonna be so weird, I'm a senior in high school and was born in 97' and even though i was born on the tail end of the 90's theirs definitely a different vibe with the 00's kids. Like the interests, values, etc. It's just an odd feeling of not only being the class of 2016 but being one of the few last batches of 90's babies in high school.
  14. Danimals07

    Ig: Following "deathlens-fish-sales"

    ill pray for ya!
  15. Danimals07

    Ig: Following "deathlens-fish-sales"

    i follow a few but I stay away. Although it might be a good product and a good seller its just too much money to gamble for a possible negative experience with the seller and losing a crap ton of money.