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  1. Julienmm

    Charge Money For Prints - Skate Photo

    Thanks, actually im dealing with a pro lab and print matte photo on professional fujifilm paper usually 12x18 for a good price so I charge the skater the cost + shipping !
  2. Ok, First of all, I know that some of you may charge a lot for a 8x12 official signed print, but thats not what I want to go with this. Im currently shooting for free for a lot of skater and I provide them print when asked for what it actually cost to print the photo. Im really new to this ( print/art world ) and I was just wondering how much do you charge for your printed photo ... do you charge the same to the skater vs a random person or a brand ..... Do you put your signature on the back or front + 1/1 to mark it as an original unique print ....
  3. Julienmm

    Backside Flip

    Love the yellow ! Im not 100% fan of the angle and not ''leveled'' shot Did you just overpowered ambiant with the flash to freeze the action or went hss? Cause its look like middle of the day but ....
  4. Julienmm

    Skate Jawn

    whats your flash gear for 2pic, if its during the day looks like they can output loads of power ! Did you just overpowered ambiant to freeze the action or went hss?
  5. Julienmm

    Sp Photodude's Instagrams

  6. Julienmm

    Fancy To Gnarly 3 Pic Set

    Thanks, second pic is just a ollie gap nothing fancy. For the colors, I really spend some time on each shot to apply raw color ajustment and make them look that way. I keep a général receipe and fine tune it for each location, lots of color curve / gamma curve and selective color ajust but nothing to change the hue and cheat the reality Setting the right With balance and flash correctly ALSO helps a lot.
  7. Julienmm


    This ! but still great spot and nice BG btw. Second is clean
  8. Julienmm

    Peace Park - Montreal

    Shot from last night, peace park yo.
  9. Julienmm

    Hogs Out

    My fav is the first one The second is nice, but messy and im a bit lost on the graf, third one is a better angle for my taste on this spot !
  10. Julienmm

    Fancy To Gnarly 3 Pic Set

    All shot on the same night, good session, fuking shit the first one is not sharp, shot at iso 400 shutter 800 and f4 and the fuking flash did not froze it fuck my life and ambiant light. It was pretty kick out so did not had the time to reshoot with better setting.
  11. Julienmm

    Trip To Mia Last Year.

    First spot is legend ! A HSS flash would have been perfect, the shutter is a bit slow but that spot man, its crazy as fuck Second is sick, skater too small for my personal taste but these hoes make it legit.
  12. Julienmm

    Nose-grind Pop In

    winter time = low activity. I would not power them up, like this it looks like ''natural'' light and not BOOM FLASH.
  13. Julienmm

    Fs 5050 Curved Handicap Rail // Bump Over Bar

    First one is kick ass second im not really in love with the angle, I know the rail is long but the photo dont really show it. What trigger do you use to flash in combo that big bad ass with your speedlight ?
  14. Julienmm

    Looking For Freelance Work

    Good work,
  15. Julienmm

    Flash Photography Help

    if you can link the right links for it .... Sorry if my 1 page of explication was not clear, the model name are the same for canon and nikon you just have to amazon searh them and buy the NIKON or CANON version of the model. http://www.amazon.com/Yongnuo-YN560-TX-Wireless-Controller-Speedlite/dp/B00PVSJA5C/ref=sr_1_2?s=photo&ie=UTF8&qid=1452580540&sr=1-2&keywords=Yongnuo+YN-560+VI ( the trigger in this kit will not work with the 568 by the way ) The 560 IV is manual flash only, no HSS ... probably the worst deal you can make, even if some people ( like me ) love manual TTL is nice to have. But the fact that you loose HSS is a no go. So no choice to buy the right HSS flash + HSS trigger if you want to shoot anything else than dark night skateboarding. ----- Mixing 2 560iv and 1 568 is useless ( since the trigger dont trigg the 2 modes of flash ) You actually want more flash during the day, so if I have to get 3 flash I would get 3 568 The scenario where you buy two 560 is to shoot at night with 2 flash And you use your 1 568 flash to shoot during the day + you buy an other trigger ... Dont mix 560iv and 568, they dont mix. If your batman the night skateboarding shooter buy the 2 560 kit and forget good daylight flash shot. Buy a single 568 + transmitter + trigger for your 1 flash day shooting. Sell the 560 2 week later to get more 568 when you realise shooting faster than 200-250 actually happens all the time.