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  1. thefletch13

    Who Does More Pot

    I do pot... then I eat all of the goose.
  2. Psh, siding is easy. Just wait til you start roofing, ya pussy.
  3. thefletch13

    Donald Trump

    this is by far the funniest thing I've read all day
  4. thefletch13

    Rip Eric Joneckis

    autofellatio thread was gold. Homie always brought good vibes and hilarity. R.I.P mayng, keep being awesome at skateboarding.
  5. thefletch13

    Any 1 Into Tomb Raider 2?

    +1 for block moving soundbyte.
  6. thefletch13

    What Have Y'all Been Up To?

    I feel. Prolly gonna move back to the East Coast in a few months because the cost of living in the bay is fucking astronomical.
  7. thefletch13

    What Have Y'all Been Up To?

    post grad, 22, coffee shop job, laying in bed for the majority of the day. sometimes I eat pizza.
  8. thefletch13

    A Trick You Keep Breaking Boards On

    front lips on ledges. I can front lip rails just fine, but ledges? nah son.
  9. I just quit my second job just so I can have more time to skate. It's gonna be rough paying rent, but I moved to SF for the sole purpose of skateboarding and I've been neglecting it for the past few years due to school. I know I'm not going anywhere with it, but the people I've met and the experiences I've had make me feel accepted. Among the tech hipsters and the longboarders, it's comforting knowing that there's still a group of people who moved/have lived here through the years of bullshit tech booms just so they can keep skating or give back to it somehow.
  10. thefletch13

    Where The Aussies At?

    They're all in San Francisco ordering flat whites from my coffee bar right now.
  11. thefletch13

    Yung Snapchat

  12. Sucker punching? Really? Come on man, leave that shit in highschool. I hate everyone in this video.
  13. Ha, its true. When you get past the ridiculousness of the (majority of) people here i.e. startup fags/ brogrammers, its a pretty nice place. Though I hate this place a lot sometimes because of the absurdity of the people who live here, the skate scene is still the best I've ever been involved in. SD is rad as well, but the main problem is that you practically need a car to get anywhere. Bay area is huge, but public transit will take you literally anywhere. Plus SF itself is only 7x7 miles, which is really nothing in the grand scheme of things. And theres this:
  14. thefletch13

    San Francisco Edit

    Fuck me, I meant 6:47— the launch type thing. Loooooove that spot at 25th and Alabama. Those steps are perfect and the wallride across the street is gnar.