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  1. danielrey

    Getting Hvx P2 Footy Onto A Mac?

  2. danielrey

    Getting Hvx P2 Footy Onto A Mac?

    Yea but what kind of usb cord? because there are two ports in the camera and I had one usb cable that could plug into the camera but my computer wouldn't read it, I don't know if the cord is the problem or if its because its the wrong kind of cord. what is the kind of usb cable I should use?
  3. danielrey

    Getting Hvx P2 Footy Onto A Mac?

    Finally got my hands on an Hvx200 along with a 16g P2 card. Trying to find the cheapest way to get footage from the p2 onto my mac. Spent all my money on the cam lol. Any suggestions?
  4. danielrey

    Vx1000 Fuzzy Audio Problem

    thanks man
  5. I have recently bought a vx1000 offline used and at first it seemed to work perfectly fine. I started filming with it the next day (using sony tapes) and later uploaded the footage onto my computer. There is a loud fuzzy noise in all of the video and you can barely here anything else that is going on in the footage. Trying to fix this as soon as possible, anyone have any tips?