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  1. VX1/Cap cam glitching

    Maybe the capture cam is pal? If you film with an ntsc and u have pal footy it wont read it. Or try getting a new firewire. Trying capturing it directly from the vx just one time
  2. Scanner for 35mm

    can you post a picture scanned with the 600?
  3. Scanner for 35mm

    what are the best scanner that goes for around 200$ - 500$?

    Yep, talk via email

    I don't think so, I said it was producing greyish footy. That was the reason I sent it. The video I sent was the viewfinder and that was another thing I wanted fixed. On the paper inside the package I mentioned all the stuff. Why do you changed the main board and the prism block so? Didn't was for that problem? Footage looks so bad. I spent a lot. Sent it two times and just the shipping was so damn high. So this can be fixed or not?
  6. VX1000 auto audio

    So I can't set the audio to auto and still set manually shutter, exposure, wb?
  7. VX1000 auto audio

    Hi, just seeing everyone use the audio of the vx1000 in auto. How can I set it on auto without having the whole videocamera shooting all in automatic?

    Yeah but the lenses should be clean since you changed them too, it produces the same exact footy... idk I sent the vx to get that fixed, you said it can be fixed but it's still the same
  9. Would prefer an OG MK1 but need to complete the set up soon so whatever, let me know
  10. Just got repaired my vx from kerry. He changed the VAP the main chip and some other stuff. It just arrived and compared to my other vx it still produces more greyish tones.. Anyone know how to fix that? Noticed that a lot of vx's have that problem nowadays.
  11. For Those Who Have Bought A Vx1000 Off Ebay?

    I bought a mint VX1000 off ebay. It was perfect aesthetically but had fungus in the internal lens and the chip was pretty much fucked up. It was producing shit greyish footy. Got it repaired by Kerry at Videoelectronics
  12. DSLR Long Lens

    Miguel Valle can get perfect shoot zooming with a dslr. Chris Mulhern too. Never understood how to do that..
  13. https://www.ebay.it/itm/332527017685
  14. Best Fluid Heads Tripod

    Bought a manfrotto 500 head
  15. Rode Videomic Pro Setting

    Hi guys I purchased a new mic. What setting should I use for filming with fisheye and long lens? And how I set in camera audio?