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  1. Killyoselffool

    Tascam Dr70d

    Has anyone ever played with one of these. I love the video that comes out of my DVX but the audio blows. If anyones ever used one of these and has some sample video please post.
  2. Killyoselffool

    Nj Nyc Welcome Part

    hell yeah tommy
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d611DWll0uE
  4. Killyoselffool

    Super 8 For Cheap As Fuck

    My friends tryna get one for some shit if you got one hit me up.
  5. Killyoselffool

    Opteka Death Lens Blue Vig Fix!

    This can be achieved pretty easily through Color correction most easily done in Premiere pro. This Negates one of the most negative aspects of the Opteka lenses and creates in my opinion way better looking footage. Instructions 1.) select clip in premiere timeline 2.) Go to effects and find the "2 strip" color correction preset in Lumetri Presets under cinematic. 3.) apply to clip and mask out one section of the vig on your clip 4.) repeat for other 3 sections 5.) save as a custom preset or copy and paste the lumetri color onto all clips you want 6.) congrats you have successfully taken the blue vig out of your clips (pat yourself on the back) 7.) Think about how much money you saved by not buying a century lense and be happy
  6. Killyoselffool

    Mk2 For Cheap

    if you got an MK2 for DVX hit me up
  7. Killyoselffool

    Let It Rain

    Today it was 75 and rainy so I throw the dvx in a newspaper bag and sucked it up also it was christmas eve
  8. Killyoselffool

    Wtb Dvx100b For Parts

    If you got one that is Broken or are willing to part with one for cheap pm me.
  9. Killyoselffool

    Skate Perception Filmer Directory

    SP Name: Killyoselffool Name: Matty Hilzenrath Country: US State: NJ City: Millburn Setup: DVX100B opteka and PVGS80 baby death Email address: mattyiscoolerthangabe@gmail.com Example Montage: