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  1. srod

    Ollie and Wallride w/ gels

    too much gels indeed
  2. some photos from my trip across america, almost a year ago now
  3. srod


    thanks you all! tri x is my fav
  4. srod


    some shitty scans of the first roll I developed myself, tri-x shot with a stylus epic.
  5. srod

    just a tailslide

    Mju ii for us Europe people, stylus epic for the rest
  6. srod

    Firewire Thunderbolt adapter

    Using one, works fine
  7. srod

    just a tailslide

    yea framing and colors are dope. bummed my stylus epic gave up on life, thing's a beast
  8. srod

    Random Photo Discussion

    had a T5 or whatever, thought it broke, sold it to @Dominic Palarchio when I stayed at his place and then it decided to work again
  9. srod

    The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

    Anomaly looks so good, gotta get my hands on a copy one day
  10. srod


    yea the blur on the smith works good, but seeing the right corner of the rail would have been nice. 180 nosegrind angle is sick too, but maybe the fence thing on the left is a bit distractng since it's so close to the skater?
  11. srod

    "BOOMBAP" promo

    So stoked to finally see this!
  12. srod


    some random snaps from over the summer
  13. srod

    Goose Chase In Northern Washington

    2 and 3 are so good, next time I'm out there we're gonna chase some goose
  14. srod

    nosestall revert

    This never went anywhere, tear it up please. Shot on an old Nikon D70.
  15. srod

    The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

    also @123sander456
  16. srod

    Frontside Noseslide Selfie

    let me be the first one to compliment the colour coordination
  17. srod

    full circle.

    sick as usual
  18. srod


    Small selection of photos I shot while travelling from NY to Vancouver. Gotta rescan 'm sometime because the editing can be better, whatever.
  19. srod


    yep, third photo is sick
  20. srod

    The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

  21. Started a magazine. Met a bunch of people from here on a trip. Skating with ivan.
  22. srod

    Random Photo Discussion

    never got past the lurking stage but what's up yo
  23. http://www.jenkemmag.com/home/2016/05/17/mike-carroll-on-the-future-of-crailtap/ I think it sucks what MJ did. Adidas looks like a better company than Nike, and MJ is a great skater, but this ain't the way you handle these situations.