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  1. How To 4:3 Hd?

    theres no way they used that lens, the nikon 8mm has nowhere near the same vig as the suspiciously mk1 like vig in vx400 its most likely that they used an 8-15 and did some creative masking and layers so that when the area under the vig overlay increased in luminance, the vig did too.
  2. BMPCC?

    on apsc, yeah its pretty bad, but the stuff i've seen with it cropped to 4/3 on a m4/3 camera looks close to mk1 distortion imo. with the 2.78 crop of the bmpcc, you'll avoid the edges where the distortion gets really high and it should look better this is the lensbaby on a 2.3 crop, if you hold your fingers up and crop it it looks pretty nice
  3. BMPCC?

    Obviously a lensbaby 5.8mm wont be as sharp as a canon 8-15, but it'll be a hell of a lot wider than a bmmcc/speedbooster/manybrand, which would be a 1.75 crop and less wide when compared to a canon apsc with manybrand, something thats not very wide to begin with. thats honestly something that would probably be difficult to deal with for most.
  4. BMPCC?

    I remember seeing a few coalatree videos on vimeo with a bmpcc and speedbooster/manybrand combo, and it looked pretty incredible. I did some crop calculations a while ago and a lensbaby 5.8mm without a booster on the bmpcc should have good distortion too. Downsides are many with the bmpcc though, but I did consider it for a while -terrible screen, no evf -terrible battery life, dead pixel issues -super high crop so you need a speed booster -no 60fps mode But the image quality is absolutely incredible so if you can deal with the issues, you can make some great stuff.
  5. i did this with an opteka .3 on an hmc150 mk2 bayo fisheyes have threads underneath the bayonet if you remove it, 72mm or 82mm iirc
  6. dont have any on this computer, sorry and with spacers, lol
  7. space out your mk2 on your hpx/hvx and crop to 4:3 ive done it, its easy as hell and looks pretty great
  8. Filmer Backpacks

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/BURTON-ZOOM-CAMERA-BACKPACK-lightly-used-RETAIL-250-SNOWBOARD-BAG/332528217204?hash=item4d6c39ec74:g:3fkAAOSwdjdaNt~b This is the same model I've used for a while, It'll fit two vx's with no problem
  9. Filmer Backpacks

    I highly recommend buying a used burton camera backpack off ebay. Super cheap, super roomy, durable, and most have board straps. I think i spent 30$ on mine and it was miles better than my 200eg canon
  10. DSLR Long Lens

    a few options -make sure you have a constant aperture zoom lens -get a focus stick off ebay and put that on the zoom ring -don't zoom and just live with it -give up and buy an hmc/hvx/hpx whatever -shoot in 4k and you can zoom in editing without losing much resolution
  11. wtb: fuji x100s

    I've got an x100t with thumb grip, filter, hood, and charger if you're interested in the upgrade
  12. Which Handle?

    The first lens hit you get will tear your hotshoe right off so I'd avoid it
  13. Cinema / Filmmaking Netjiot

    Basically magic lantern lets you take a super quick sequence of 2 or so megapixel raw 14bit pictures that have no compression. It takes up a giant amount of file space but gives you a cleaner image with more dynamic range and flexibility in post for color grading
  14. Lens Hits Volume 2

    And try to either be next to or in front of the skater so you can avoid getting a kick to the lens when the skater goes to push
  15. Vx2000 Will Not Focus

    Doubt this is fixable without sending to Kerry or cannibalizing another vx