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  1. Lachlan Earl

    Vx1000 60fps

    In a vx part that transworld posted it has the option of going 720p60fps, I can almost swear it looks smother then the normal 30fps. has anyone ever done this before?, and how is it done?. it must of been done post as we all know the beloved VX1000 only shoots 30fps.
  2. My friend gave me a m7 and the last time he use it (a year or two ago) it worked fine, but when I go to use it nothing heppens. The battery is in and the ac adapter is also connected and it won't turn on for even a second. I also tested if the car adapter to see if it would work but it didn't. Also when I go to charge the battery the charge indicator light won't come on. Does anyone have any idea what it is?
  3. Lachlan Earl

    Tape Path Unaligned

    Does anyone think this could be a tape path alignment problem?, or could it be something else?. my local repair guys said it is unlikely a tape path alignment problem over the email.
  4. Lachlan Earl

    Tape Path Unaligned

    My friend (the guy who did the nollie) got me to test some old tapes and see if they glitch which they ended up not glitching which means it must be the vx
  5. I think my vx has a tape path alignment problem. It never glitches on the vx when i play it back but only glitches on my capture cam when im capturing the footage. it only glitches on the right hand side of the footage. i thought i would get a second opinion of what the problem is, as i plan to get it fixed soon. here is a video a 8 second video that shows the glitch