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  1. Hope you all dig. Always up for constructive criticism so if you see anything funky let me know. Thanks!
  2. movingparticles

    How To 4:3 Hd?

    some camera bodies will go to full frame with a wide fisheye if you change the quality of it. like a lens baby fisheye i think is like a peep hole when you set the dslr to 480 in the settings and shit. Like on my t3i i change it to 640x480 when im doing 4:3. That vig does look fake but its really hard to tell haha. Hope this helped a bit.
  3. movingparticles

    Mac Or Pc For Editing?

    I know it comes down to personal preference and in the end it doesn't matter what you use. But what are the advantages of editing on a Mac or a PC? I am thinking about investing in a PC or a Mac strictly for editing videos and such. Would be dope to know everyone's opinion on what they use and why they like it.
  4. movingparticles


    Hope ya dig. I didn't adjust the vig at all and hopefully the mic wasn't to loud. If there is any feed back for improvements let me know. I also filmed all of this on foot (like the follow filming parts). I think it turned out pretty nice for just running on foot. That's just me though but let me know what you think!
  5. movingparticles

    Vig Question

    Thanks for the feed back! I like it kinda big its a lot wider.
  6. movingparticles

    Vig Question

    https://gyazo.com/fde07c5665f40a22b6cad8ae4e1977ac so basically i am using an opteka 52 on my vx2000 and like i originally ordered a 58 mm fish but they sent me a 52 instead with a 58-52 mm step down ring. Basically is my vig to big on my fish eye ? Im using a 58-52 step down ring along with a 52 mm spacer attached to it. I know i could zoom in and I normally crop my videos in the editing software but do you all think i will be good just by using the 58 - 52 mm step down ring instead of attaching a spacer to it? the view finder on my vx seems to zoom it in a bit and when i take it to capture to my comp it looks completely different for some reason. any feed back is greatly appreciated.
  7. movingparticles

    Buenos Aires Street Eamigo

    this was dope. how did you get your vx in 60 fps?
  8. movingparticles


    cool beans
  9. movingparticles

    Capture Options

    looks like i need to get a new computer then...fuck lol that feeling when your broke. and like the only way I can capture is with an external capture card with like the av cables. Thats all I got lol so idk. you guys know of any macs that are like decently priced? maybe some older ones?
  10. movingparticles

    Mini Dv To Computer, Then To Vhs, Then To Computer.

    look up some shit on how to make your video clips look all vhs like with after effects on youtube
  11. movingparticles

    Capture Options

    I am on a windows laptop.
  12. movingparticles

    Capture Options

    So my only computer that I have that can take a fire wire input for my vx2 is my old mac book but it is like really slow. My main computer that I use doesn't have a fire wire port on it. Is there any thing like a usb to fire wire that I could pick up for my laptop ? kinda like a converter or something
  13. movingparticles

    Random Vx Footy

    opteka 52 mm with a 58 - 52 step down ring along with a another 52 mm spacer cause the vig would be cut off if i didnt have the spacer on.
  14. movingparticles

    Random Vx Footy

    yeah im not gonna film in my converses any more haha.
  15. movingparticles

    Random Vx Footy

    vx two thow wow