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  1. ok so i have an hvx 200a and i have final cut pro x so when when i put the clips on to the computer and i save it on to a laCie hard drive all the clips are good but when i transfer them into final cut pro the clips turn slow motion and and the audio is short and I've tried saving them into just documents and they still turn out horrible, need help need a respond quick
  2. NiCkR

    Hvx Scene Files

    Ok so I have an hvx and I usually film snowboarding and little bit skating what are some really good scene files for day time and night time
  3. Im pretty new to SD cameras and currently using a panasonic dvx100, when i got done filming a line i went back to check the clip and after i got done watching it i rewinded the tape until the end so wouldn't record over other footage so i filmed another line and went back to check it and it wasn't there and so now when i film all the recent footage isn't there. Just wondering what i could do that could fix this ps: there is still a lot of time left on the tape
  4. NiCkR

    Good Fisheye For Hvx 200a

    i was going to buy a century extreme fisheye from someone but he sold it already I've been trying to find a good century extreme for a while now, not trying to buy one brand new if anyone is selling for a good price i need one asap i have kinda gave up but my question is what are good fisheyes that are almost the same quality as a century extreme but less expensive and fits on a HVX 200a please respond thank you