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  1. Wassup peopleIve been filming and shooting for the past few years with a Canon t5i, even though it is a great camera to start with I want to step it up a notch especially since it is a bitch to film long lens with and I would like to have my photos have to have better quality. I am in quite a dilemma since I am starting to work as a photographer so I would like to upgrade my photo equipment but I also film a bunch of skating so I would also like to upgrade my video equipment especially for longlens stuff. I have 2 options basically one is sell my t5i and buy a better photo camera and also look for and HPX to film which is the more expensive of the 2 or to find a camera that can do both. I had been told that the sony mirrorless cameras are a great option that work great as both a photo and video camera. If any of you photo/video gods could help me with suggestions on cameras or other options that would be greatly appreciated.
  2. gsosa

    Bs Bigspin

    Hey guys Im kinda new here, shot this bs bigspin fucking around the other day, Im mainly a filmer but I also like shooting photos. It was kinda hard to get a good angle because the gap wasn't that big. Any comments and criticism is welcome!
  3. gsosa

    Long Lens Question

    Id be willing to spend up to $300 dollars somewhere around there
  4. gsosa

    Long Lens Question

    What lens would you guys recommend for long lens shots. I already got the Rokinon fisheye for filming lines and that shit is dope. But I feel that the 18-55mm doesnt produce shots that are that good of a quality. Any recommendations?