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  1. Basically, i have a 2000 that the lens motor im assuming is jammed from when i dropped it and my 2100 has a broke LCD screen. Ive taken apart my japanese vx1000 for parts for my local shop vx1000 to fix, and fully functional again, so I figured id start this thread to see if i could mix and max certain parts with the vx20k and 21k to make one fully functionally! thanks for your time!
  2. Hey guys! Quick question, Picked up my camera bag not realizing it wasn'y close up all the way and my camera fell out and hit lens side first(Fisheye not on thank goodness) and now it will only focus when i zoom in to about the middle point from zoomed all the way out and in. Any other zoom point it is blurry, any suggestion what that might be and if i could repair it myself or ship it off to Video Electronics. Thanks for your time guys!