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  1. phineas

    vx1000 footage upscale to 720p

    I guess he is using a PAL VX shooting 50i so you can export 25p or 50p for a "smoother" look. And regarding the upscale topic, I usually set my timeline to the exact same setting that the source footages, so I don't have to render anything to playback. Then I export to 1478x1080 to keep the pixel aspect ratio. Or sometime I export to 1920x1080 with black bars...
  2. Thanks for taking the time to watch and reply, it's always good to have an external opinion to improve. Regarding the "dynamic" line filming you mentioned, I believe we (french people) are influenced by Romain Batard work, and it does not always look as good as what he is doing 😁. In the first line, it was more to avoid the switch no push quite boring rolling between the two tricks ahah. For the filming, as you said it's a homie thing, so I'm setting the camera and everyone is filming each other so sometime it's kind of experimental... I'm the first guy in the video by the way, so my part is all homie-filmed ! ahah Thanks for your comments, I will come with a better one next time for sure !
  3. phineas

    where are you hosting your videos

    I suggest you to post your video on YouTube in private, you will receive an e-mail if there is any problem with music rights. Most of the time, it will just add a link under your video for people to buy the music, but no particular restrictions...
  4. Hey guys, since I learnt pretty much everything I know about filming with 3CCD on this forum, I'm glad to share this video with you. I made it for my local shop in Grenoble, France. This is my first full video so it would be nice to have feedbacks on filming, editing,... Thanks !
  5. phineas

    VX1k - MK1 vignetting aligment

    I had a perfect vig, but I slammed with the camera, and now it is on the left...
  6. phineas

    (HMC150) 720p Export Settings

    What's the difference between editing in a 1080p timeline and editing in the native resolution, then export to 1080p ?
  7. phineas

    HD setups with footages

    Damn, those GH5 footages look good !
  8. phineas

    HD setups with footages

    Hey guys, I'm still using my VX2100 a lot, but I'm starting considering going HD. I haven't followed HD setups at all, and would love to see footages of different setup. I'm not interested in DSLR, camcorder only. Here are some HD videos I liked a lot, don't know with what they were filmed ? Thanks a lot !
  9. phineas

    Post Your Setup!

    VX2100 + MK2
  10. Thanks for your quick answer, I think I'm just going to give up on that idea. I am actually using the original charger plugged to the camera, but I think maybe the internal battery are not handling recharge anymore...
  11. Hey guys, I have the "clock set" message on my VX2100 appearing each time I pull out the battery. I did some research and found that it might be the internal battery. I found the exploded views and drawings online. Do you guys know if I can replace the battery alone ? (not the whole PCB) Can I use one of these ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/sis.html?_itemId=271896883512&_nkw=NEW+Maxell+ML1220+3V+Rechargeable+button+battery+FOR+SONY+DCR+VX+2100&_trksid=p2047675.m4096.l9146
  12. Thanks for your feedback and filming advicies ! It is actually shot with a Sony VX2100, and MKII. GL2 was my first camera too and I loved to use it
  13. phineas

    Vx1000 60fps

    From what I understood, if you export at 640*480 your footage will be cropped if you convert to PAR 1:1. I export at 656*480 to keep the real ratio of the video. Exporting to 1080p 50 or 60fps is good for YouTube, because it allows you to upload a video with a much higher bitrate than in 480p, so the quality when played on the YouTube player will be way better.
  14. phineas

    DWEEB - Full Video

    Loved it ! That was very nice to watch.
  15. Hey guys, I am making a little video with my local shop and friends. Here is a teaser I made, the full video should be dropping this year... Everything is filmed with a VX2100 and modded GL MK2. Critiques are welcome !