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  1. I'll see if this works
  2. Muff Wizard

    Computer Issues Netjiot

    Does anyone know how to fix missing audio on .mov files in Adobe Premiere Pro?
  3. Muff Wizard

    The Filming Netjiot

    I need to frankenstein this lense with an old one. If anyone has a vx1k complete lense for sale, pm me.
  4. Muff Wizard

    The Filming Netjiot

    Has anyone taken a vx1k apart to its bare parts? I'm trying to fix my lens, so I might need some advise on removing parts and screws.
  5. Muff Wizard

    Downsides To Vx's?

    It is getting harder to find replacement parts for the Vx.
  6. When I go to import .mov files to Adobe Premiere the clips have no sound. I have yet to find a solution. I need help finding the sound to the clips or finding a way to import the clip without it subtracting the sound.
  7. Muff Wizard

    Wtb: Vx1000 For Parts

    I would be interested. I need a new complete 3ccd lens with sensor chip for my jap vx. I knocked it lose by the focus ring so I'm looking to replace the lens.
  8. I sat my vx1000 in the wrong spot. Someone kicked a ball 40 yards deep straight to my lens. While I was amazed to see that my camera did not explode on impact, I had noticed that only the area right next to the focus ring was damaged. It knocked the lens lose so now there is a bit of sag. The picture in the vf is blured and a bit zoomed in. I am able to zoom in and out but only in a smaller range. Auto and manual focus do not work. I have a jap version so I'm thinking of getting a replacement 3ccd lens for it. Would anyone be selling one or know if I would need the jap version so that it would be compatible?