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  1. What it says in the title, selling parts from each cam to help out fellow members in need of repair! Message me for detail and prices, safe
  2. caughtonvhs

    Vx1000 Won't Turn On

    Not a big fan of HD, and I like the hassle of fixing cams
  3. caughtonvhs

    Vx1000 Won't Turn On

    Problem solved, I idiotically put the old supply board back in, instead of the new one!
  4. caughtonvhs

    Wtb: Vx1000 For Parts

    I've got two broken vx1000s if you're interested
  5. I have two broken vx1000s and a broken vx2100
  6. Hi guys, I've recently bought a vx1000 for parts off a friend to fix another VX1000 (and yes I made sure the parts I needed were working before I bought it). The original vx (which we'll call vx1) had problems with the tape deck jamming open, everything else was working other than the tape deck. I looked this up and it turned out that the power supply board was broken and wasn't sending power to the tape deck so it stayed open. I took vx1 apart a few times and put it back together again and one the last time (probably the 3rd time I did so) when I put the battery in it wasn't working. Then I bought VX2 today took it apart and used the power supply board from that and put it in VX1 and it's still not turning on. I can't afford repairs and was really relying on fixing this camera, so if anyone knows what to do please let me know. And yes it's on standby and it's not the battery
  7. caughtonvhs

    Vx2000 Weird Colours

    It looks like your having difficulty with your video circuit, if you take your camera apart and put it back together again (usually works if you just take it apart until you get to the lens) it resolves the issue, I've done it many times myself! Message me if you need any help!
  8. Got a vx2k with the c:30:32 error if you're interested
  9. caughtonvhs

    Wtb Century Optics Mk1 / Mk 2

    Or any 58mm plus fisheye
  10. Sony vx1000 needed for parts Sony vx1000 wanted for parts, currently got a broken supply board so need to replace it instead of paying a ridiculous amount of money for a repair. Hit me up asap, no time wasters. Cheers.
  11. caughtonvhs

    Wtb Century Optics Mk1 / Mk 2

    Wanted to buy - Century Optics Mk 1 or Mk 2 lens Century optics lens NEEDED let me know if anyone has anything available, no time wasters! Cheers.
  12. caughtonvhs

    Wtb: Vx1000 For Parts

    Also looking to buy hit me up need a supply board and the avi input board
  13. caughtonvhs

    Wtb Vx1000 Parts

    Hi guys, I'm in need of a new power supply board and a new board that has the avi cable input. Let me know if there's anyone out there with spare parts, or a broken vx that I can salvage.
  14. caughtonvhs

    Sony Vx1000 Tape Deck Jammed Open

    yeah it should be because that would mean mailing it to America from the UK, I've since found out what's wrong with it exactly I just need some parts to fix it! So if anyone has any parts hit me up