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  1. snowborter9


    just got the firewire lightning bolt adapter for my mac so now i just need to buy my 8 to 4 pin firewire. thnx guys
  2. snowborter9


    i just got an HVX200 and i need to buy a firewire. I have a macbook so i have to get the lightning bolt to firewire but what pin size do i buy for my camera?
  3. snowborter9

    Vx Or Hvx

    I've looked into the hmc but they are expensive compares to the hvx. I've heard there are ways that u do not need a card reader.this hvx looks like a good deal. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Panasonic-AG-HVX200A-Camcorder-Black-/262226336300?hash=item3d0de85a2c:g:Hy8AAOSwa-dWjFhm
  4. snowborter9

    Vx Or Hvx

    thats what my top choice was with the opteka .3. i just don't know much about p2 and how to deal with that
  5. snowborter9

    Vx Or Hvx

    I'm looking to buy a camcorder for snowboarding and can't decide whether to buy vx or hvx. id like to here your opinions. p2 or tapes?