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  1. benhenault

    @vx1000market On Instagram

    Awesome, Thank you! I'll be sure to post on this about my experience!
  2. benhenault

    @vx1000market On Instagram

    I was curious if anyone has experience with them, he offered me a trade of my DVX w/ accessories for a VX
  3. benhenault

    Dvx Mk2 Fisheye To Fit Vx2100

    I have a mk2 fisheye DVX bayo mount, what would i have to do to get this to fit a VX2100, doesn't matter wether its a Bayo mount or a screw mount, i have searched the internet and i can't seem to find the actual thread size underneath the bayo on the lens or anything about it so i wasn't sure if someone could help me
  4. benhenault

    Vx1000 Fisheye Questions

    So I recently acquired a Vx100 off of eBay. I already own a DVX100B with a MK2. Would i be better off modding the MK2 to fit the VX1000, or buying an Opteka and going that route, until i can put the money aside for a MK1?