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  1. Scanner for 35mm

  2. Vx1000 Won't Turn On

    go hd and you'll never have to worry about tape decks again
  3. Which Handle?

    this is just as shitty as the handle hungry thread.
  4. First Time Shooting Wireless Flash

    power slide shot is sick just try to get your guys out of the black hoodies cause they blend so much with the background. also the composition of the shots is kinda weird. remember rule of thirds
  5. alright might just get a sheet of ply and paint it back and just drill it into the asphalt
  6. Is there anything that we could just lay over the ground on the bank then to make it smooth? its pretty much unridable with how crusty it is.
  7. So me and couple friends came across a nice spot to make into a bank to legde. The runup to the bank is very smooth but the bank itself is very old crusty concrete. i was wondering what kind of cement would be used to just do like a 1/4-1/2 inch layer over the crusty asphalt. i know that regular cement has small stones in it so i don't know how well that would would work. But i also don't know if regular motar or portland would be strong enough.
  8. Downsides To Vx's?

    if your really that worried about losing the footy get a backup hard drive or use dropbox or google drive.
  9. Leaving Dslr For Zoom Handle Cam

    have you looked at the dvx200
  10. Downsides To Vx's?

    they also sell 32gb sd cards for $20 and that shits reusable.
  11. Downsides To Vx's?

  12. Help With New Camcorder

    its funny how everyone is saying get a vx or dvx as your first camera. i had a sony handycam sx85 (not 100% sure if thats the correct name) as my first camera but it had 16 gigs built in storage and a built in usb so it was super easy to get footy to the computer. It didn't shoot hd but it filmed to sd cards. also it had threads so i could easily screw a fisheye on. I got it on eBay maybe 6 years ago for $60 so i would image their cheaper now.
  13. Hvx Sdhc/micro P2 - P2 Converter

    id get the opteka not a fan of the 16x9
  14. Another Vx2 Or Step Up To Vx1

    if you go vx1 your gonna need to set money aside for repairs unless your good with fixing it yourself. if your get a vx1 your gonna have to put constant money into it. Maybe its time to go hd or get a dvx cause they never die
  15. Render Settings

    ever since i got my dslr I've switched between filming 30 and 60 fps. I like the smooth slow mo of 60 but i hate how smooth it looks when its not slow mo. but can film everything at 60 and just render it at 30 fps and still have the smooth slow mo but have the nice 30 fps look?