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  1. snakechild

    Wtb: Sd Setup...vx Or Dvx

    sorry guys, just sold the camera on eBay, and snagged a VX from that instagram VX1000market. thank you guys
  2. snakechild

    Wtb: Sd Setup...vx Or Dvx

    here's my setup.
  3. snakechild

    Wtb: Sd Setup...vx Or Dvx

    hey everyone! i've dipped into HD filming for the last six months or so... and honestly, i'm not feeling it. sure i love how easy it is to import footage, and it's beautiful and clear..but i miss SD, even though i hate tapes.. BUT i currently own a Panasonic HVX200 (892 hours) 16x9 EXII bayonet fisheye for the HVX 104gbs of P2 (1x64gb, 2x16gb, 2x4gb) 3 batteries (2 aftermarket, 1 panasonic) battery charger & remote KATA MC-61 bag USB transfer cable & HVX book by barry green... totally willing to trade all of this (maybe even some cash...depending)w for a full VX/MK1 or DVX/MK2 setup... email me for a quicker response... aaronjleach@gmail.com or text at 208-9FIVE4-788FIVE i can email or text you photos of my camera if you're interested. living in costa mesa, california currently... so not sure if anyone is around here. Thanks guys!!
  4. well it would be around a month for me until I could possibly snag it. Such a sick camera
  5. here's the only full length I've ever put together. i think this was put together early 2015-late 2014? canon gl2 + opteka death lens. nizo 481 macro + nizo s560 for super 8 footage used.
  6. snakechild

    Panasonic Hmc40 + 58mm Mkii Screw ?

    awesome! thank you. yeah thinking of getting one just to have better audio...never used an external mic, stoked. yeah i snagged my hmc40 off craigslist for $450...it has the XLR adapter and everything else..it only had 66 hours on it, i was surprised.
  7. snakechild

    Panasonic Hmc40 + 58mm Mkii Screw ?

    i agree..not a fan of DSLRs at all... wondering, what mic do you have for your HMC40?? i think the onboard mic isn't too bad...better than what i'm used to...but i would love to get a mic that's even better.
  8. snakechild

    Panasonic Hmc40 + 58mm Mkii Screw ?

    I was thinking it might be heavy but wasn't sure. I've only ever used a GL2 + opteka. Wondering if it's worse than that cause the hmc40 is so light. Do you do anything to counteract the weight ? I was able to film a little on Saturday and I really like the camera. Super stoked I don't have to use tapes anymore. Eventually I want to get an HMC150 and an Xtreme setup... So expensive though.
  9. snakechild

    Panasonic Hmc40 + 58mm Mkii Screw ?

    Found a NOS fc e9 on eBay for $125 shipped. Done deal. Just got to get a step up ring. Thanks
  10. snakechild

    Panasonic Hmc40 + 58mm Mkii Screw ?

    That's what I was reading too... I'll have to look around on eBay I'm assuming for the fc-e9? The 58mm century will work though? Is it ugly? I haven't seen any comparisons. Only the mki not mkii Thanks !
  11. snakechild

    Panasonic Hmc40 + 58mm Mkii Screw ?

    sorry. May not be a mkii. It's whatever this is DS-FEWA-58 http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/154871-REG/Century_Precision_Optics_0DS_FEWA_58_DS_FEWA_58_0_3x_Ultra_Fish_eye.html
  12. snakechild

    Panasonic Hmc40 + 58mm Mkii Screw ?

    Hey guys... Long time lurker. First time poster. I received a 43mm century fisheye in the mail today from B&H for my hmc40... And there was a crack in it. So I'm sending it back. Thinking about getting a different lens all together cause I noticed it wasn't even as big as my 58mm opteka I had for my gl2. Would a mkii 58mm screw work with the hmc as long as I have a 43-58 step up ring ? Or will it be too heavy for the threads or anything you think? Gnarly vig? Thanks dudes