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  1. FlavaDave

    Ollie/too Much In The Foreground?

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/142348469@N03/26044858774/in/dateposted-public/ So I shot this over the last weekend. Pretty cool spot, I was gonna originally shoot this at the top of this bank over on the left side, but I saw this kinda "z" shape going on and I tried to run it. Don't know if I achieved it very well tho.
  2. FlavaDave

    Bs Bigspin/ Flash Placement Techniques?

    Ohhh so it's damn near the same thing as the shutter speed fractions. More power more motion, less power less motion? But then you have decrease the ambient light in the background to get the full flash coverage? somthin like that?
  3. FlavaDave


    Yeah I did, but I only had a 50mm and a fisheye and since i have a cropped seensor body it was too tight and cut off a piece of the hubba. But i did dig how it looked when I framed him against the brick wall in the back. If I had like a 35 I might have shot it way different.
  4. FlavaDave

    Bs Tail

    https://500px.com/photo/135658501/seancho-bs-tail-by-david-gutierrez?ctx_page=1&from=user&user_id=1332863 In this shot I believe I left too much space on the right side of the frame. What do y'all think? For some reason the site won't let me embed photos from 500px. Do I need a flickr account to be able to embed photos?
  5. FlavaDave

    Bs Bigspin/ Flash Placement Techniques?

    Can you explain flash duration? Is it just how active the flash is? Haven't fully grasped the concept.
  6. https://500px.com/photo/150110755/chris-lesh-bs-bigspin-by-david-gutierrez?ctx_page=1&from=user&user_id=1332863 So I shot this one a few weeks ago and I was wondering if anyone has any flash placement tips? I used one on the bottom left to fill in the board, one flash behind me to blow out the blue wall, and one on the far right of bring out some highlights. Now this seems very overkill in my eyes. Any placement techniques to help me maximize my flash coverage?
  7. FlavaDave


    So this is my first day of Skate Perception and I'm really stoked just off peeping and critiquing some posts. I'm hyped to learn and grow with what is still left of the Skate Perception Community. Stoked to just be a part of it. With this lipslide I wanted to get an angle of the crusty pop over onto the ledge and also showing the hubba. Was it a good idea to shoot it like that, idk u tell me https://500px.com/photo/150109939/ducky-kovacs-lipslide-by-david-gutierrez?ctx_page=1&from=user&user_id=1332863
  8. FlavaDave


    Very clean shot of the boardslide. I like it. Not love it. Maybe because hes just placed in the center.
  9. FlavaDave

    Front Board

    Love the homie lookin' back at the skater. Also really love the dudes in the window at the top left of the building. Sick snap!
  10. FlavaDave

    Wallie Bs Board To Fakie And Ollie Over Rail

    Im kinda confused on the wallie board, is he getting into it or getting out of it? Dig the shadows on the whole upper torso. Interesting trick to grab a still of. The ollie over the rail is ehh. I dont love it or hate it. I do like the stairs how they aren't fully lit up. Kind of adds a contrast to the shot.
  11. FlavaDave

    Crook Pop Over

    Pretty much what Jordan said. I do like this angle for a crook pop-over, on the contrary to 1985. But def wait just a bit right when the board is perpendicular to the rail. I think those look juicy
  12. FlavaDave

    Fs Noseslide

    I do have a guilty pleasure 4 booty pics lol. But I dig how you cropped him up in the top right corner, how the top of the building isn't going right thru his head. Bummer that he was wearing black pants, kinda lose him in the sky. Maybe get the flash a little lower to bring out the bottom of the board a little more? And I saw how cool that back wall is, maybe getting him against that brick lookin white wall would've popped his pants out a little more. but idk I've never been to the spot.
  13. FlavaDave

    Backside Smith

    I love the shadow on his face in this shot. I don't like how you loose his hand in the ceiling . but love that "gritty" kinda vibe in this flick.
  14. FlavaDave

    Skate Jawn

    i fux wit these. I think the dead on angle is a little boring for how epic that spot looks. but I've never been there so I wouldn't know. for the 5-0 shot. The caveman board is sick. Maybe just a little closer? Looks smooth as is tho.
  15. FlavaDave

    Backside Flip

    I really fuck with this shot. I like how the white circles on the circles lead my eye into him. I love the flash job on him, maybe a little too hot on the ledge in my opinion but it might be my monitor. I dig how well he pops off that wood looking background. I think its a little too cock-eyed but not too much so that it looks to unappealing.