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  1. https://webchat.enigma.ink/#sk8videos For Live Skateboard Chat.
  2. I will! Hopefully it can get done today and we can rebuild a nice community. Forums are always great but sometimes it is nice to chat with people live.
  3. yeah, I'm working on a direct link so people would only have to click it to join. other than that it isn't really that complicated. Just have to fill in the server address, port, Channel, and nickname you want.
  4. i have created a new channel on irc for chat if anyone is intrested. I set this up today so hopefully we can get a good amount of users for skateboard chat. server: inc.ink port: 6667 channel: #sk8videos main lobby is #sweetspot if it doesn't auto join you in the channel type /join #sk8videos if you don't have mIRC, you can plug in all the data above into this browser website: www.mibbit.com will work until I can create a direct browser link. Recommended Android app is: Andchat, and you can plug in the information as well. Admins if this is against the rules feel free to delete. I am working on a direct link for users to click to join the chat channel I was an active member from the [sv] #sk8videos days
  5. milhouse


    I don't believe there is an active channel anymore. I am interested in starting a new channel for skateboard chat on mIRC though.