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  1. I hope God's light is shining upon all of you brightly.
  2. Anyone who thinks this is real is a soulless NPC.
  3. The Flat Earth Video

    Just watched the trailer. Really don't get the point of the name and seemed way over the top,
  4. I would gladly slit the throat of any statist, as they are threats to the free market.
  5. I'm not going to talk over you. It would be back and forth. We would each give each other a chance to speak before talking. Everyone knows people are less likely to be civil "online". It would be way more efficient.
  6. If you really 'bout this shit let's do the live discussion. There's literally no reason not to other than you must just be really embarrassed about who you are as a person.
  7. You're acting like the consumer has no accountability in the market whatsoever. Government and businesses are a reflection of the masses. Assume responsibility for your life, FL. Just because YOU can't take care of yourself doesn't mean other people should be forced to, which is just an excuse big business uses to justify enslaving us through government (welfare). And the environment is fine. Earth always has and always will be here. It's a closed, self-sustaining, self-regulating system. If we (THE MASSES) don't wake up, it's not the environment that's going to be in trouble, it's us.
  8. Lol. Like they do now, because of government? A truly free market wouldn't let any business operate with impunity.