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  1. And hai has been kidnapped by Satanists.
  2. Puts people with common sense in a precarious position.
  3. But to me it seems like about 90% of the world, maybe 95%, may be on the high end of the autistic spectrum. Shit is seriously an epidemic. I can't even drive down the road or stroll through the grocery store without feeling like I'm in some sort of weird autist-apocalypse.
  4. Mark my words, I'm NEVER cuffin' a bitch again. I'm married to MONEY. Ima die happily ALONE. Fuck a bitch.
  5. You act like I'm a virgin, Jay. I ain't no square.
  6. Why don't just enlighten me if you think I'm wrong? Should be pretty easy...
  7. I'm sure you guys have heard of cognitive dissonance.
  8. If anyone has any legitimate arguments rather than insults, sarcasm, jokes, etc.. I'd love to hear them. I'm playing the devil's advocate here in hopes that someone might convince me otherwise but so far it's awfully quiet. Maybe there's some truth to the things I'm saying.
  9. I'm a real live savage. I haven't been domesticated and tamed like the rest of you.
  10. It's not for everybody. I'm fully aware how much I differ from the masses.
  11. Go ahead and fuck them all you want. Just don't marry them, live with them, or provide for them... And don't have kids unless you're ballin' like a motherfucker. Personally I wouldn't even have kids no matter how much bread I had with the laws how they are currently. Women have way too much power right now and it's by design.
  12. Women are biologically programmed to extract resources from men.
  13. ...what's so cool about her? Let's hear it. Because that statement sounds highly irrational to me.