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  1. It's a fact of life. And I'm not a wook. I'm too unique to be categorized like that.
  2. The more you double down the more it's going to hurt when it finally hits you.
  3. Goob


    You know these pics are like 8 years old, right? And I can put on muscle if I feel like it. In fact I actually just recently started working out with a personal trainer and eating 100% healthy. You on the other hand can't change the fact that you're an ugly, autistic freak.
  4. I really did though, so suck a dick, faggot. Dude even told me he'd like me to continue writing for the website. I posted it on Reddit like a year ago anonymously. You're just a hatin' ass bitch who's never gonna be shit in life.
  5. http://everything-voluntary.com/argument-stateless-society I'm pretty flattered.
  6. Goob


    I take that back, actually. I shouldn’t talk about her like that. Shit just didn’t work out.
  7. Goob


    I'm a living legend. And I'ma keep shinin' until the day I die. Shit, I'll even be shinin' after that... For eternity.
  8. Goob


    I dated her for almost 2 years. Almost married her. Had to let her go though. She was triflin'. She ain't shit now. This old af.
  9. While I do enjoy making haters mad on here, it's the most unproductive thing in the world and I'm all about maximizing my potential these days, so what I'm going to do from now on since I don't seem to be able to break the habit of coming here is block trolls who don't know how to just be cool, normal people, because I want to make the most of my time spent here.
  10. Goob


    I'm just gonna let you do your thing, bro. Have fun. Lol. Fuckin' idiot. Hopefully you're not serious but I'm afraid you really are. Anyway, I got better shit to do. I can't sit here all day. Thanks for the laugh.
  11. Goob


    That's the best you got? Yeah, that hurts so much coming from an anonymous profile who's clearly obsessed with me.
  12. Goob


    Tell me, kilo, how does it feel to be a hater? I've always wondered, because I wouldn't know... Go ahead, keep exposing yourself. It's fuckin' hilarious.
  13. Goob


    ********* Fixed it for ya.
  14. Why'd you delete your post, kilo? Because it backfired on ya? Who are you? etrizz? Whoever you are, you are DEFINITELY a fuckin' loser. Man, this place is seriously a cesspool of butthurt faggots. I'd say I feel sorry for y'all but I'd be lying. I hope for the sake of the world though that one day you guys pull your heads out of your asses. Won't hold my breath though... Man, it feels good to be a winner.