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  1. Deathlens_fisheye_sales

    Good fisheye for AG-UX90?

    Yeah I sent you a message. The AC160A or my favorite the PX270
  2. Deathlens_fisheye_sales

    Good fisheye for AG-UX90?

    The xtreme will 100% not fit it.
  3. Deathlens_fisheye_sales

    P2HD vs AVCHD

    This is all correct but I have the disagree on some of it. I used a Panasonic PX270 with an xtreme fisheye. 1080 60P. No rolling shutter. Sharp as anything. Hands down the best HD 1/3 chip Cam that still carries the skateboarding feel
  4. Deathlens_fisheye_sales

    VX1000 for sale

    Mint condition fully functional VX1000 for sale. Please PM us for price and questions!
  5. Deathlens_fisheye_sales

    VX1k - MK1 vignetting aligment

    It’s the was the 3CCD chip is alingned. No camera is absolutely perfect. Some are much better then others however it was never noticed from factory because the only thing it effects is the vig on the fisheye. With that said you can’t fix it without taking apart the whole vx.
  6. Deathlens_fisheye_sales

    VX or HD

    That’s a great combo
  7. Deathlens_fisheye_sales

    VX or HD

    $2000 is a great budget. If you want to go SD or HD well no one can decide that for you. Go through some footage and see what you like. You can also message me here or DM us on instagram and we can give you the run down on cams to see what’s right for you.
  8. Deathlens_fisheye_sales

    Opteka Bayo?

    No you can not bayomount an opteka fisheye.
  9. Deathlens_fisheye_sales

    Century MK1 fisheye - different looking vignetting on vx1

    Well it’s partially the exposure from the sun as well. But iv noticed this on a lot of the Xtremes as well there is a crip line right at the edge of each corner of vig.
  10. Deathlens_fisheye_sales

    P2HD vs AVCHD

    The mics on the HMC150 and HPX170 are the exact same. The reason people use mainly p2 for filming asking is its 10 bit and the color space is 4:2:2 where on the HMC it’s 4:2:0 so you should get more color on P2 and a little higher quality. Now do I think it’s noticable? Not really. Hower depending on your editing setup P2 format is much easier then AVCHD
  11. Deathlens_fisheye_sales

    Century MK1 fisheye - different looking vignetting on vx1

    Yeah they have changed coatings quite a few times
  12. Deathlens_fisheye_sales

    vx1000 ribbon cable problem

    Kerry definitely hit the nail on the head with this one
  13. Deathlens_fisheye_sales

    WTB: HMC/HPX Xtreme Fisheye Lens

    Thank you 👍🏼
  14. Deathlens_fisheye_sales

    Is the Hpx170/Xtreme better than the V1000,2000, & 2100 mk1?

    I actually own the PX270 Xtreme setup myself. I do not know if it’s truly wider than the 200A setup I don’t think it is. I think it’s slightly wider then the HPX xtreme as it’s vig is just a little more but less vig then the HVX200A. I think the 200A has the wider angle due to the focal point / 82mm width
  15. Deathlens_fisheye_sales

    Is the Hpx170/Xtreme better than the V1000,2000, & 2100 mk1?

    You can’t compare the two. It’s completely different. Honestly that Mk1 was never built to be put on the vx2100 because for the industry it was too much vig for a proper image. It created a look in the industry in skating and it stuck. The Mk2’a “designed for the HPX/HMC” well that’s a gimmick they are old mk2’s that had bayos no one wanted like FX7,Xh1 Etc and they want to sell them so they designed a bayo for them and swapped them it’s “limited” because a company like Century is not going to produce a lens that requires Z10-Z15 zoom to look acceptable. As far as the xtreme goes it has the perfect (in my opinion) amount of vig and distortion. It’s nearly impossible to put together an MK1/vx2100 and a HPX170/xtreme and say one is wider then the other as you are looking at two completely different aspect ratios that don’t capture the same images. If you love the feel of a camcorder and just feel like you overall want to learn more about cameras and using them step it up to an HPX. The xtreme is just the best HD fisheye we have for the market. If you want more vig though try the HVX200A and xtreme. The wider built in lens gives off more vig and distortion then an HPX xtreme setup. I also do have many of these options for sale if you like to talk.