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  1. WTB: HMC/HPX Xtreme Fisheye Lens

    Thank you 👍🏼
  2. Is the Hpx170/Xtreme better than the V1000,2000, & 2100 mk1?

    I actually own the PX270 Xtreme setup myself. I do not know if it’s truly wider than the 200A setup I don’t think it is. I think it’s slightly wider then the HPX xtreme as it’s vig is just a little more but less vig then the HVX200A. I think the 200A has the wider angle due to the focal point / 82mm width
  3. Is the Hpx170/Xtreme better than the V1000,2000, & 2100 mk1?

    You can’t compare the two. It’s completely different. Honestly that Mk1 was never built to be put on the vx2100 because for the industry it was too much vig for a proper image. It created a look in the industry in skating and it stuck. The Mk2’a “designed for the HPX/HMC” well that’s a gimmick they are old mk2’s that had bayos no one wanted like FX7,Xh1 Etc and they want to sell them so they designed a bayo for them and swapped them it’s “limited” because a company like Century is not going to produce a lens that requires Z10-Z15 zoom to look acceptable. As far as the xtreme goes it has the perfect (in my opinion) amount of vig and distortion. It’s nearly impossible to put together an MK1/vx2100 and a HPX170/xtreme and say one is wider then the other as you are looking at two completely different aspect ratios that don’t capture the same images. If you love the feel of a camcorder and just feel like you overall want to learn more about cameras and using them step it up to an HPX. The xtreme is just the best HD fisheye we have for the market. If you want more vig though try the HVX200A and xtreme. The wider built in lens gives off more vig and distortion then an HPX xtreme setup. I also do have many of these options for sale if you like to talk.
  4. WTB: HMC/HPX Xtreme Fisheye Lens

    Got one in stock. Hit us up. Deathlensfisheyesales@gmail.com or IG deathlens_fisheye_sales
  5. Ig: Following "deathlens-fish-sales"

    Just saw this. Yes guys we are legit. We use PayPal and USPS insurance you are protected been at it for a few years! Keep checking up on us for your needs! Thanks to you guys on the comments above that have supported us
  6. VX1000 dark

    Definitely the ribbon cable
  7. looking for hvx/hpx

    Possibly. Send me a pm what you were thinking. Thanks!
  8. What the hell have you been up to?

    Thanks for the rebirth of SP Steve!
  9. looking for hvx/hpx

    I got one!