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  1. Post Your Setup!

    Panasonic HMC-150 + Century Xtreme fisheye Had the tape on there for a bit to help make holding it more comfortable, but I took it off last night because i hate how it looked haha
  2. DWEEB - Full Video

    *Update* I wasn't sure what to expect when I clicked into here but I seriously enjoyed that
  3. DWEEB - Full Video

    I'm only 1/2 way through so far but the filming in this is on point
  4. WTB: HMC/HPX Xtreme Fisheye Lens

    i got one on the way @Deathlens_fisheye_sales Hooked it up
  5. Is the Hpx170/Xtreme better than the V1000,2000, & 2100 mk1?

    Unfortunately I feel the same way, every clip I’ve seen with that lens it seems like they chopped heads and couldn’t keep the skater in the frame (vertically) I wish I liked it though because its 1/3 the Xtreme’s price
  6. Is the Hpx170/Xtreme better than the V1000,2000, & 2100 mk1?

    What he said ^ Who wants to log tapes in 2018
  7. WTB: HMC/HPX Xtreme Fisheye Lens

    Awesome! emailing you now
  8. WTB: HMC/HPX Xtreme Fisheye Lens

    Its tax return season boys, and I'm looking to spend my whole tax refund in one shot (All jokes aside) Been looking for a used Xtreme fisheye for my HMC150 for haven't had much luck on eBay, if anyone has one they are trying to sell let me know. Trying to get one by next weekend
  9. Filmer Backpacks

    I’ve been using this one, by Cinebags CineBags CB-25B Revolution Backpack https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00858AXQ0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_D6OAAbM5NCJS9 Its large enough to hold my HMC150/ accessories, and its built pretty well
  10. Is the Hpx170/Xtreme better than the V1000,2000, & 2100 mk1?

    I’m not too sure what the goal of this thread is... but the MK3 for the HPX/ HMC is more than likely not going to be wider than the Xtreme fisheye lens, just cheaper
  11. Backside Air - Roof Quarterpipe

    This rules! The bright clothing really makes this photo stand out IMO