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  1. kslayphoto


    Shot this over the week. Crit me pls. Any tips to improve lighting would be dope. ** that car annoys the hell out of me but oh well**
  2. kslayphoto

    Varial Heel - 5 flat 5

    Hassy fish is so beautiful - What film are you shooting these with?
  3. kslayphoto

    To bring it back

    First one goes!!
  4. kslayphoto

    Joe Rinehart | boardslide

    Wish you had framed him against that clean white wall in the back. This rail is so perfect - Is this a 35mm film image?
  5. kslayphoto


    Got a few photos from recent and the last couple years. Crit please! Bs 180 reverse nosegrind was on a recent trip to stockholm. Self crit on fs smith - Wish I had shown more of the rail where it cuts off out of frame.
  6. kslayphoto

    it's been a while

    Must be the aliens in New Zealand
  7. Lighting feels a little too flat for my liking and almost looks hazy. Shooting bowls is tough - Making them look as big as they actually are is even harder. Timing is good.
  8. kslayphoto

    Crook, Kickflip, Lip

    I shot that kicky on the 85mm haha. That spot goes! Cover spot
  9. kslayphoto

    Crook, Kickflip, Lip

    Heading back to the 15 stair - Need some new ideas on how to shoot it. Crit pls!
  10. kslayphoto

    bs noseblunt

    This is so sick! Big fan!
  11. kslayphoto

    it's been a while

    I shot this on a Canon 5d III with an 85mm Thanks!
  12. kslayphoto

    Backside Air - Roof Quarterpipe

    Love your work dox
  13. kslayphoto

    Varial Heel - 5 flat 5

    Always love the hassy fish - A little more of the landing would be sick and like Tony said a flash on the left would help to seperate him from the background. Keep it up!!
  14. kslayphoto

    Sw blunt and sw heel

    I dig the colours in the swheel. I feel like it could be sicker going back at golden hour / when the suns down a bit. Otherwise sick image, timing's good, framings gold.
  15. kslayphoto

    Ron- Front Feeble- LA

    Portraits sick , nice light work