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  1. CarverSqueaks

    Hazy Lens

    I suppose it's been apparent since the initial repair, and hadn't thought much about it until seeing how bad my footage looked compared to others. When I did the repair, I replaced the entire front assembly, VAP and optical construction. Shining light into the lens, it doesn't appear to be terribly hazy - not any more than any other camera at least, but the footage would make it seem otherwise.
  2. CarverSqueaks

    Hazy Lens

    Kerry if you recall that process, let me know. I may be sending this thing back to you before too long. I'm getting wrapped up in a bunch of medium format equipment at the moment but will need to have this camera serviced before too long. Thanks again for prompt attention!
  3. CarverSqueaks

    Hazy Lens

    I have a VX1000J that's undergone a number of repairs, including service to the main board by VE with great results. It's been working fine, but day time footage, particularly when using the fisheye and especially when the sun directly hits the front element, looks very hazy. Lens flares aren't concise, rather they spread across the entire image and to some extent make it difficult to see what's happening in the image. My first suspicion is hazing in the lens.. when I first received this camera from Japan, the optics were unusable. I ordered a replacement VAP and switched the two successfully. The image is definitively sharper than before, but not very satisfactory. I also noticed some aberration around a subject wearing a white shirt on a sunny day. There's a slight bluish cast around the highlights. This occurred while not using the fisheye. My friend suggested a possible issue with the chips in the replacement VAP. Is it more likely this hazing and aberration is a result of pollution on the optical construction or possibly an issue with the CCDs? Also, would I experience any issues replacing the Japanese VAP with a known functional English VAP?
  4. CarverSqueaks


    Email incoming, thanks Kerry!
  5. CarverSqueaks


    Not even going to try to explain this, attached are videos of some major malfunction. Anyone ever seen this? This camera was almost new when I got it a few months ago. C3270DAE-347D-4058-BA62-F0C6BA8BEF5B.MOV F377AEBF-E912-4ECB-B323-69FF3A77B369.MOV C73F8589-0277-4877-ADB0-8622627D76C0.mov C09F9B37-6F96-449E-8FB0-477A0E6CCC28.MOV
  6. CarverSqueaks

    VX2100 Chewing Up Tapes

    I think it's worth the maintenance, too. Love the camera and got a good deal on it so ~$200 is reasonable. May not be this week or next but I will definitely reach out for that repair form. Thanks again for the help!
  7. CarverSqueaks

    VX2100 Chewing Up Tapes

    Fortunately, no one else's tapes were damaged as badly as this one, so the issue is intermittent, but I did damage two or three of my own trying to diagnose the issue. Any recommendations on DIY maintenance? General quote? Safe to say I won't be capturing with the 2100 anytime soon... but what about using it to record? Big no or trial and error? Thanks for the reply, glad to be here!
  8. I've recently been using a VX2100 to capture footage from the VX1000 (TRV19 having other issues). Capturing had been normal until glitches became more frequent. I've been using a fairly new VX1000 so I thought it could have been glitches during recording, but other people began having issues capturing footage with my equipment, and likewise footage off my camera was normal most of the time. Tonight I put a tape in, glitched, put another tape in and captured normally, then tried the first tape and encountered the same glitches at the same timecode. I jogged around before and after the mark and had no issues. Paused the tape on the glitch and inspected the magnetic strip to find scratches and crinkles. It appears as though the VX2100 is damaging tapes during playback. Has anyone else experienced this issue?