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  1. kylegthompson


    sick wouldn't change anything !
  2. kylegthompson

    Gap Back Tail Pop Out

    Mike Freeland. Gap to back tail quick pop out. Detroit 2018. First time testing new flashes. (GODDOX AD360) Seem to freeze action pretty well powered down to about 1/8th. Have not had a chance to try them in HSS mode. Should of underexposed ambient a stop or so more sky is a bit harsh. Reflection on the dumpster is a bit distracting to could of raise my flash up a bit more? Critique is always welcome. Cam and Mike i see you guys lurking on here again lets here it. Please click to view full size for the best resolution. Cheers.
  3. kylegthompson

    Fakie flip

    I think the black and white looks cool. Agree about the timing but you did good for only 3 tries.
  4. kylegthompson

    Feeble Pop Out

    @jordanpalmerwiens Thanks dude! deff didnt catch that right leg blending into the shadow area good call!
  5. kylegthompson

    Feeble Pop Out

    Thanks! I agree with you on the shadow cast should of moved the flash a bit. Good catch! @TonyZ
  6. kylegthompson

    Bump to Bar FS 180

    Maybe back up a little so its not so tight. I agree with tony a slower speed to bring some ambient light in would look sick and not lighting up the bush. . The shadow on the corner of the rail is also a bit distracting. Could of been cool to hide a speed light or something in the right corner of the bush pointing at him. Sick photo tho love a good bump to bar.
  7. kylegthompson

    Feeble Pop Out

    Jeremy Cooper. Feeble pop out on the scaffold. Detroit. 2018. Ektar 100. Hasselblad 501cm. CF 30mm. 1x sunpak 555 to the right. 1x sunpak 120j to the left. Shot @ f8 1/60th iso 100. Critique is always welcome. Please click photo to view full res. Thanks.
  8. kylegthompson

    Some Provia cross process

    little experiment with some E6 in C41 chemicals. Johnny Cleary of Coda skateboards with a fun BS smith.
  9. kylegthompson

    Chevy Bash

    Thanks man!
  10. kylegthompson

    Chevy Bash

    Sam Mallow. Wallie bash the hood. Detroit. Critique always welcome. Click full size for best resolution.
  11. kylegthompson

    just a tailslide

    This is sick colors are amazing. I got tossed trying to bomb that ditch a long time ago haha.
  12. kylegthompson

    Winter Texas Plant

    Johnny Cleary on Coda Skateboards. Basement ramp. Detroit, MI. Click to see full resolution.
  13. kylegthompson

    No comply wallie barrier

    Thank you!
  14. kylegthompson

    No comply wallie barrier

    Nice! F4's are sick!
  15. kylegthompson

    No comply wallie barrier

    @ParkerWGB Thank you!