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  1. Some Provia cross process

    little experiment with some E6 in C41 chemicals. Johnny Cleary of Coda skateboards with a fun BS smith.
  2. Chevy Bash

    Thanks man!
  3. Chevy Bash

    Sam Mallow. Wallie bash the hood. Detroit. Critique always welcome. Click full size for best resolution.
  4. just a tailslide

    This is sick colors are amazing. I got tossed trying to bomb that ditch a long time ago haha.
  5. Winter Texas Plant

    Johnny Cleary on Coda Skateboards. Basement ramp. Detroit, MI. Click to see full resolution.
  6. No comply wallie barrier

    Thank you!
  7. No comply wallie barrier

    Nice! F4's are sick!
  8. No comply wallie barrier

    @ParkerWGB Thank you!
  9. No comply wallie barrier

    @kevin_horn Thanks! Yeah hopefully i can just camp out for a bit until one comes up. The ones on eBay now a days are way to much. Ive heard of dudes selling theres for way cheaper on insta etc. The bronny fish is legit to! I fully support more MF post on here make it like the good old days!
  10. No comply wallie barrier

    Tyler Stabile. Detroit 2018. 28 degrees. My Hassy fish is officially dead and cannot be fixed due to some of the front elements separating. This was the last shot taken with it. What was causing me a focusing accuracy issue. (pictured below) Any know of a 30mm for sale please let me know! Thanks. Self Critique: Little bit more head room. Try to block the sun little more but i kinda dig the glare. Click images to view the best resolution.
  11. Sk8Trix

    All three are so sick. The rim on the switch crook is perfect!
  12. Kick Flip Bump to Gap

    Thanks guys!
  13. Kick Flip Bump to Gap

    Detroit 2018. Shot on Portra 400. My 30mm focusing is out of alignment. Getting sent out this week. Please click on photo to see better quality. Thanks.
  14. Couple kickflips from summer

    Thank you!! Long lens would have been sick there was just so much traffic I was laying in th street haha.
  15. Varial Heel - 5 flat 5

    Colors are amazing sick shot! Digging the shorts to looks like some early 2000 stuff. Im so happy to be in a forum with Hassy shots being posted again. Uploading from a desktop seems to give you pretty solid resolution. Next one upload a high res scan!