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  1. I agree as well doyle. Some videos look good filmed in hd or sd. (Especially if it's filmed with a camcorder like the hdpx170). I made this thread because I'm the fence of getting a hpx170/xtreme myself. My friend has a vx1k/mk1 and sold his hvx200/xtreme a few years back. Wonder why he kept the vxmk1 not the other
  2. More money for a hd camcorder that's practically a decade old? Ok kid. Pretty sure my bio say's what I'm working with.
  3. Thanks for your answer brotherman. As I stated above, Century is making a mk3 fisheye. Hopefully it's pretty good. We need a hd fisheye that's just as wide as a mk1 if possible. The xtreme look's like hd mk1 intermediate rather than a mk1 for hd.
  4. I respectfully disagree. You know what sucks in my opinion? Spending 2 grand for a fisheye that's less distorted than the Century mk1. I'm simply and politely asked a legitimate question. As I stated in my op, the hpx170 is defiantly good for what it is. According to vx1000 market Century Optics is designing a mk3, which is supposed to be cheaper than the xtreme. Don't know if it's going to wider or not though...
  5. Still skating and still filming! 22 years old now started filming when I was 15/16 back in 09/2010. Got my Vx2000 in 2011 and a mk1 not long after in spring of 2012. Crazy how time flies. Just randomly went thru my secondary email and saw this was up. Glad to see it's back.
  6. Is the hpx170/xtreme really worth it? I have a vx2000/mk1 and I find it really hard to convince myself to get this setup. First off as many of us know, the xtreme fisheye look's bad compared to the mk1. Don't get me wrong, it looks nice but that's because camcorder itself simply films at 1080p. The hpx170/xtreme is good for what it is though. It's defiantly better than the DSLR stuff you see in new skate films for sure. I can't imagine filming a skate film without using a proper zoom but's that's just me though. The Hpx170 is nearly a decade old and the xtreme is not just only less distorted than the mk1, it's more expensive as well. Why drop big dough for a fisheye that does not perform as good as the mk1? I think it's a cool setup if you're going HD though. In my opinion, the hpx170/xtreme is the vxmk1 of Hd. Both setup's are outdated anyways. So is the hpx/extreme better? Both are great camera setup's. I would love to hear your opinion's.