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  1. speed_bumpington

    Random Photo Discussion

    looking to purchase an xa or xa2 if anyone has one for sale hit me up daniel.pasminski@gmail.com :)
  2. speed_bumpington

    Trips coming up?

    hikin into the grand canyon to work for a week collecting fish data with the state wildlife dept. meeting them on the river then taking it down. my friends letting me bring his minolta weathermatic point and shoot. Anyone have any experience using these? hopefully it doesnt miss the focus as often as my epic does
  3. speed_bumpington

    wtb: fuji x100s

    got the original x100 im trying to sell would probably do it cheap trying to get an xpro2 i think email me daniel.pasminski@gmail.com
  4. speed_bumpington

    Scanner for 35mm

    Does anyone on here happen to have a legitimate serial number for vuescan for mac? I had an old version on my computer but i got the v550 and it didnt recognize it so I had to update, and now Its saying i need to purchase again. Ive been using the epson program lately and it blows. Id even be willing to venmo you some money, just cant throw 100 bucks into a scanning program right now.
  5. speed_bumpington

    just a tailslide

    tailslide stylus epic on ektar1hunna finally dev/scanning all my film from the past 4 or 5 years. this will probably be the only skate photo out of the whole bag. https://danielpasminski.tumblr.com/
  6. speed_bumpington

    what's up with your website?

    not a website, but if any of you guys still use tumblr im scanning the last 4 years or so from my stylus epic. im also trying to make a bunch of smallish prints, like max 8x10 if anyone is trying to trade some! skating related or not https://danielpasminski.tumblr.com/
  7. speed_bumpington

    The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

    https://www.instagram.com/speed_bumpington/ its pretty much just post phone photos n videos
  8. speed_bumpington

    WTB 35mm

    Got too much 35 to know what to do with? Tired of seeing it sit in your fridge knowing that you'll never have time to shoot, dev, and print/scan all those rolls of stupid plastic? Let me put a few extra bucks in your pocket and take them off your hands. Looking for color or b/w.
  9. speed_bumpington

    Trips coming up?

    I took some pretty badass vacay's last year. Aside from skate trips to neighboring states I went on a roadtrip from Phoenix to ABQ to Denver, to SLC, to the tetons/yellowstone, up through Montana, over the border to Canada, through the rockies to Vancouver and then all the way back down the coast. I also went to Hawaii for the first time to visit some friends who are living on Oahu and that was possibly the highlight of my life so far. Hopefully 2018 is just as good to me. If anyone is comin through the PHX valley hit me up we can go skate or shoot guns or go do some cool shit in the desert. I love showing people around..
  10. speed_bumpington

    What the hell have you been up to?

    Forgot my old password and that email is no longer existing. Moved to Arizona, graduated college, dad passed away, made a video, adopted a pitmix, traveled around the west, went to Canada, visited friends in Hawaii, lived out of my car for a while, back in a house now. Currently working as a maintenance guy for a guest ranch out in the mountains, interview today to work at a photo lab in town, been skating more than ever while filming less than before but still workin on another video. Been hyped on fixing and building spots around the valley. Only 23 so Im pushing off making big boy moves for a while.... Hyped SP is back. I used to spend so much time on here in highschool..