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  1. FamiliaLoucas

    Another viewfinder ribbon cable issue...

    I'm situated in Belgium. Am i speaking to Kerry? How can i order a ribbon cable from you guys?
  2. FamiliaLoucas

    Another viewfinder ribbon cable issue...

    Yeah, footage comes out clean. Thanks for getting back to me so fast. Are there any guys in Europe that fix VX's?
  3. Hi everyone, Long time lurker, first time poster. I've had this problem with my viewfinder since i've had my Vx1000. Is it a viewfinder ribbon cable issue? I've got these weird lines that only pop up if the viewfinder is tilted upright. It also makes the exposure etc seem like it's a bit over exposed when it's in fact set perfectly. Snapped back down in position it works fine and colour etc are perfect. All the lines disappear. I don't mind for the time being, it just makes filming with the mk1 a little harder at times. I've attached pictures. First one has the lines. Second is normal. Sorry about the quality.