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  1. illegal freedom

    Assistance with replacing front element on mk1?

    Thanks for the replies! i ended up using calipers because thats what they had done in the video, but it required two people. I think the metal rim of my lens was slightly dinged + had some grit in the threads, both of which made it super difficult to unscrew, but I finally got it! stoked! Going to use it today for the first time!
  2. Hey all, the front lens of mk1 is destroyed so I purchased a new one from Century. I saw this little tutorial on youtube that is super helpful (https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=36&v=W2SUDumky7M) but unfortunately I am really struggling to remove my lens. I have metal calipers, just like in the video, but god damn it just won't budge. I am reluctant to try brute force as that's rarely the solution, though maybe that's what I need to do in this instance? Anyone have any experience with this process that can provide some useful suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  3. illegal freedom

    Smartphone filming

    Came here to post Brad Cromer's "B" part--super great in my opinion. I just upgraded my iPhone 5c to an iPhone X and it's pretty crazy to be honest. I don't know if I will use it to film anything "serious", but I definitely like it for photography. What's the story with fisheye's? Is the vig natural or added in post etc. Could be cool to get a little lens for it!
  4. illegal freedom

    Welcome Back - Read This First

    I only started filming in the past year but had always heard of this forum (and used archive.org to look at anything that was catalogued) so even though I am new here, I want to say thank you so much for bringing it back. There's so much incredibly useful information on here and I am so stoked to have a community of filters to get help from!