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  1. again, my thoughts exactly. made even stranger by the fact that now part of a tape is fine but the other part is messed up. Now I'm thinking that my old one works too and im just doing something wrong.
  2. My thoughts exactly, I bought the new vx for a hundred less. I haven't tried capturing with the vx itself. I'm recording at 12 bit audio.
  3. So a little background to my problem. About three months ago, I got back to my camera after traveling for a few months and found that when I went to capture, the footage seemed to be dropping frames after capturing. The strange thing was I could look into the viewfinder of my capture cam and the clip played back fine. I tested a tape a friend of mine had filmed with his camera, and was able to capture successfully so I decided it was my camera and sent it off for repairs. I was quoted 400 and told I needed a hole new tape deck basically, so I decided instead to buy a new VX off ebay which ended up being cheaper. The new VX worked great for the first month or so of using it, but about a week ago I went to capture and found that again my clips were glitching in the form of dropped frames when capped but I was able to watch it smoothly through the viewfinder. I ran a head cleaning tape through my VX and Cap Cam and it then appeared to be working fine. Now I just went to peep some footy from yesterday, and while things I filmed at the beginning of the tape looked good, the last couple minutes or so of what I filmed (not the end of the tape, just the end of where i had filmed) is doing the same thing. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?