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  1. Camoflage_Pat


  2. Camoflage_Pat

    Pictures Of Skateperception Og's

  3. Camoflage_Pat

    Raider KlAn

    A few images from a project I'm working on. First time photographing with a digital point and shoot prior to shooting with 35mm film. Leave a critique on the images or what it reminds you of.
  4. Camoflage_Pat

    Down South

    First image: I like the first image a lot, it's a strong image. I like the gesture with the hat over the guys face laying down. Nice vernacular image has a death vibe. The shadow included in the frame adds to the image. Theres a nice contrast with the black and white. Was the photo staged or spontaneous? The other images are too banal for me. The last frame composition could do with better composition. Lowered down a notch and moved to the right.
  5. Camoflage_Pat


    I got the same vibe from the second one as well. The second photo works the best. I like the humour from the out of focus. I definitely think tri x works well for you.
  6. Camoflage_Pat

    The Cool Photographer Videos Thread 2k18

    JH my G slices.
  7. Is anyone a fan of the Safdie Brother's films? They are finally rising to the top in the film industry. Slowly but surely. Do you think they have any talent or are they just some spoiled rich kids? (Opinions please) This is about the brothers Benny and Joshua Safdie. Bell let's talk! - Lenny Cooke - Daddy Long Legs -The Pleasure of being robbed - Heaven Knows What - Good Time
  8. Camoflage_Pat

    random stuff

    Second photos pretty cool, wish there was more light on the sign. Cool find nonetheless. These areas remind me of Toronto.
  9. Camoflage_Pat

    Missed This Place

    I really like the 3rd one, has a 70's motel vibe and it is mysterious. Gives you a lot to think about. It's nice, minimal and everything in the frame works well to tell a story. The second photo reminds me of a Henri Cartier Bresson clone. First photo feels way too busy.
  10. Camoflage_Pat

    35mm pictures from a new guy

    Got some photos to post up, feel free to critique or any feedback. These are not in a series or anything yet.