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  1. Am I supposed to be using autofocus when doing this? How am I supposed to manually control the focus ring when the skater is moving closer and further away as I'm filming. Seems unrealistic to set my focus, like 8ft away for example and roll along side them without deviating a few inches/feet as the line progresses. Thanks to anyone that can provide some help, I appreciate it.
  2. TheVisitor

    Good fisheye for AG-UX90?

    Damn, that's a bummer. Do you have any suggestions then? I know the Xtreme fits the AG-AC160A and it can shoot 1080p 60fps.
  3. TheVisitor

    Good fisheye for AG-UX90?

    It doesn't seem that bad? The OP in that thread I linked posted these results. Opteka even re-uploaded this test footage on their official youtube channel for it. I'm still on the fence on how I feel about Vig. Sometimes I think it looks pretty cool on HD and sometimes not. I grew on VX footage so it doesn't really bother me. I was thinking of picking up both. They are relatively cheap in comparison to Century's offerings.
  4. TheVisitor

    Good fisheye for AG-UX90?

    I want to start filming using industry standard equipment which as you all know, is currently the Century Xtreme Fisheye paired with either a HPX170 or HMC150. Even though both these cameras are old by todays standards, a lot of the top companies/filmers in the industry are still using them(unless you're Ty) or some combination of DSLR. My budget is $3-5k and I want to jump into filming with something a little more modern that could shoot 60FPS at 1080p or 4K if needed and it seems like the UX90 might be my best choice? Unfortunately Century doesn't make an Xtreme specifically for the UX90 but I'm curious if the '0HD-FEWA-AG' Xtreme will fit since it's just a continuation of the Panasonic HPX170/HMC150/AC130 etc. family of cameras? I spoke to Century on the phone today and they told me that because the AG-UX90 are 67mm thread size camera, they would need to have their engineers custom make a back piece for the Xtreme(since it's intended for 72mm HPX170, HMC150 etc.). I was quoted roughly $500 and a 60-90 day manufacturing period. The gentlemen at Century did say it may be possible to just mount it using the 15mm rail support system though? Anyways, after doing some research on my own I came across this thread below that listed a few 67mm thread options. Opteka 0.4X HD2 Large Element Fisheye http://opteka.com/OPT4XPF.aspx and Opteka Titanium Series 0.3X HD Ultra Fisheye http://opteka.com/OPTSCFE.aspx I would appreciate any info that can be provided on this or even recommendations on different cameras, possibly the AG-AC130/AG-AC90? Thank you.