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  1. Most of the people on here are kind people. Many of us grew up together but now I need your help. The previous sentence is not necessarily grammatically wrong, it is just that it makes me cry. I'm now referring to a sentence two sentences ago. More now. We, in life, are actually chasing the past similar to how I'm chasing a reference to my sentence. The sentence that I want this to be about. We are living in the memories of our future selves because we are not quick enough to process the precise moment as it happens. Did you notice that? "As it happens." Happens refers to past-tense. We don't even have a word to refer to the occurrence of something as it occurs. And, so, we are remembering things as they happen. Bring me to my next point (maybe next is the best word because by the time your brain processes the word "next" you will be existing in the point to which I refer as the "next" point; therefore, the one you are experiencing contemporaneously. "Many of us grew up together but now I need your help." Two tries: "but" is supposed to be used when the point after it contrasts with the point that preceded it. I.e., (id est, it is Latin and it means "in other words" (it is different to e.g., or exempli gratia which means for example. (if you can distinguish between these two you are the top 1%.)) (I want to do well in school BUT I don't want to try hard.) Me needing your help does not contrast with us having grown up together. The word 'but' shouldn't have been used by whomever used it--most likely, the future-being controlling me giving hints as to what happens next but never actually taking me out of the shadows only pretending I have free will. ) (I still had one parenthetical to close out and wasn't going to forget: it's not a typo.)
  2. I wasn't able to sign on for this. Can we try again for Sunday evening?