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  1. 4 years is well within the sentencing guidelines for his crime, just as a matter of fact.
  2. VXSups

    i miss erik

    erik who? can you change your avatar? it seems blasphemous.
  3. VXSups


    wow so goob is basically hot, can grow a beard and presumably made love to the one in leopard print staring at the camera. leopard print is hot. kilo posts phothsopped pictures and has never had sex before. lol i think we know who won here.
  4. i don't think thoughts are worth having much less being communicated i dont want responses to this i want to be the only one on this forum just blasting my incoherent babbling into the ether i want nobody else to be here
  5. netjiot was a cool concept but i feel as though it detracted from what AAG was in the long term (and AG back when it was that). the boards were so fun when people would just make stupid as fuck threads. too much stuff was stuffed into NETJIOT and the rest of the board moved a little slow. some of the nights i stayed up in the night time threads were the best i ever had on this forum but ultimately too much got stuffed into the NETJIOT type stuff.
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    VXSups... ColoradoLove. I am JordanLewis. Paolucci was a poor man's abcdefg. i was the guy that derek gertz pulled a knife on in his basement.
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    you will let me give yuo some money? i want a question from you.i'll meet you anywhere. you will get shoes, if not something better ( ;

  8. are you that poor that you cannot afford shoes? i live in los angeles but frequently visit san francisco. if you can meet me in sf i will give you shoes. es accel's or ipaths. as long as you dpn't wear a longsleeve shirt you also will be required to kill me to get the shoes. if you kill me i will give you an incremental $500.
  9. VXSups

    MFW I remember my SP password.

    this song and shania twain looks like we made it they make me want to leave so badly because i won't ever be there again and i feel so much longing
  10. I'm not VXsups... i'm an equally if not more prominent OG.
  11. i first read this story on this forum 12 years ago and never forgot it. finally went looking for it the other day and decided to bump it becsuse i think its actually an important part of this forumu's history. this story appears nowhere else on the internet and the guy that posted it said it was sent to him from 'a friend of a friend.' do we conclude that this is the OP;s story? after all these years the only thing for sure is that the person who authored it didn't want it to become popular and probably wouldnt want for it to be brought back from the dead.
  12. nobody even knows what you mean by this... maybe give an example
  13. VXSups

    Fuck this place.

    Yeah i called this place home for a long long time. i still poke my head in to see if i get mentioned
  14. cant wait for you to skate with em. don't lose them, though. they are easy to lose. i cry if u lose.
  15. Most of the people on here are kind people. Many of us grew up together but now I need your help. The previous sentence is not necessarily grammatically wrong, it is just that it makes me cry. I'm now referring to a sentence two sentences ago. More now. We, in life, are actually chasing the past similar to how I'm chasing a reference to my sentence. The sentence that I want this to be about. We are living in the memories of our future selves because we are not quick enough to process the precise moment as it happens. Did you notice that? "As it happens." Happens refers to past-tense. We don't even have a word to refer to the occurrence of something as it occurs. And, so, we are remembering things as they happen. Bring me to my next point (maybe next is the best word because by the time your brain processes the word "next" you will be existing in the point to which I refer as the "next" point; therefore, the one you are experiencing contemporaneously. "Many of us grew up together but now I need your help." Two tries: "but" is supposed to be used when the point after it contrasts with the point that preceded it. I.e., (id est, it is Latin and it means "in other words" (it is different to e.g., or exempli gratia which means for example. (if you can distinguish between these two you are the top 1%.)) (I want to do well in school BUT I don't want to try hard.) Me needing your help does not contrast with us having grown up together. The word 'but' shouldn't have been used by whomever used it--most likely, the future-being controlling me giving hints as to what happens next but never actually taking me out of the shadows only pretending I have free will. ) (I still had one parenthetical to close out and wasn't going to forget: it's not a typo.)
  16. I wasn't able to sign on for this. Can we try again for Sunday evening?