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    welcome back skateperception

    Just randomly found out that the forum is back online, used to dig the wiki back in the days. Never was a member on the forum I think though. But I am happy that there still exists a more or less active skate forum. Anyway here is the most recent of my skate pics, tell me what you think: vinceshoveitbw by Tim Trashcan, auf Flickr https://www.instagram.com/t_hype_/
  2. Tim Trashcan

    welcome back skateperception

    Thanks, trick is a shove it.
  3. Tim Trashcan


    smith by Tim Trashcan, auf Flickr
  4. Tim Trashcan

    VX1000 history.

    Not if you put a "or wasn't it" after you call out!
  5. Tim Trashcan

    VX1000 history.

    If one gets into this history mode one should at least get it right and baker 3 wasn't filmed on a vx but a trv 900 or 950 wasn't it?
  6. Tim Trashcan

    gap wall ride

    I suggest moving the skater closer to the right side of the frame.