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    new Opteka deathlens lookalike brand

    https://realmdt.com/collections/skateboard-inventory/products/fisheye-lens-72mm-0-3x What do you guys think about this fisheye?
  2. lookmaaan

    HVX200A export settings question

    When I am editing with my Hvx, the quality of the clips looks amazing and crispy , but then when I export them they don't look that good. I normally use H264 with Youtube 720p Hd, anyone knows better settings to having more quality when exporting? I don't mind file size. thanks!
  3. lookmaaan

    hvx200 to mac

    ok thanks!
  4. lookmaaan

    hvx200 to mac

    does transferring p2 media to Mac inside the camera ( without a p2 card reader) can damage the camera? doesn't matter if its slower , I don't have money right now for a card reader thanks!