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  1. Hi ive got about 80 percent of a full length video complete and someone managed to griptape scratch my lens while not even skating and i just need to get through the vid as best as i can so hopeing someone here has some advice. Ive checked other threads but nothing quite matches my situation and i want to clarify some other suggestions in older threads which run against some things ive been told The lens is the bayo mount mk2 for hpx170 and ive been told by a reputable repairer that you cant use the element off the reg mk2 otherwise id try to replace Schinder optics dont return my emails so no luck there heres a vid of the small circle dent in the middle is in the first clip and the 2nd more noticabe griptape scratch. Id be happy if i could use insurance and buy another lens but they onnly made a limited run of these so not and option, so im resigned to finish the rest of the vid long lens and fish and night with the light but as you can see from the vid the scratch showsup on black. So im wondering would a black sharpie be an option here? Or Some sort of alcohol cleaner or other to take the white out of the scratch if even possible? would this ruin the coating? if so woud that really make a big differnce to footage?( i dont mind if theres a mark there as you can see from the first clip there is already a few small dings which dont show up at night but with the griptape scratch its white not clear so it makes it too noticable) Final option i guess is but another regular mk2 and use i think 3 step up and down rings to mount to the hpx, if anyone knows what the result here would be compared to the footage i already have id love to hear. Thanks in advance!